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  1. Malolo

    DC when I click on ''news''

    hey, just wanted to report that bug: my game often dc's when I click on 'news' - maybe u guys can check that, ty 
  2. Hello, I just wanted to report this bug: Me and other players can't see my pvp rank anymore. Actually I am lvl 18 and rank 40 - but even the golden badge is away. Maybe you guys can take a look at it, ty! :-)
  3. Malolo

    My pvp rank is no longer visible

    Thanks, it is fixed now
  4. Malolo

    Gold Bug

    Hi! I realized a gold bug in the game. I just wanted to upgrade a card (costs 800 gold). I had around 1300 gold and I also were able to press the upgrade button. But then a notification came, which said ''Not enough gold, required: 800 but you only have 352 gold'' I relogged the game and then I really only had 352 gold left. This happened 2 times now :/

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