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BattleForge Discord Servers (List)


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As far as I'm aware, there isn't a list of the BattleForge Discord servers (If there is, I guess the mods can lock this one and pin that one :) )

Please let me know if I missed any, and I'll add them here.

  • Skylords Reborn: This is the main discord server, run by official moderaters from the Skylords Reborn team. Here you can find announcments, development updates, links to the test server, and general chat rooms.
  • Skylords Reborn Balance Changes: This is an official discord, used for discussing balance changes. You can't participate in most channels unless you are voted as a "community representative," but you can read the discussion, offer thoughts in a general channel, or PM a representative with your suggestion.
  • Skylords Tutors and Apprentices: This was originally for PvP tutoring, but has evolved to a place where anyone can ask for help (but most members are PvP players). I don't think it's an official discord, but @Ultrakool is still one of the moderators
  • Skylords Reborn Creator's Guild: This is an unofficial discord. This is a discord for content creators to come together and help each other. If you are interested in growing the largest BattleForge youtube channel, this is the community to join.
  • Skylords Map Community:This is an unofficial discord, for map creators!
  • Skylords Reborn PvP: This is an unoffical discord for PvP matchmaking, set up by @felkin
  • Allegedly there's a Russian discord server as well, for helping translate the game for Russians that don't speak another language. I don't have a link to that one though....

Please let me know if I missed any other unoffical discords! (I'm guessing there's a speedrun discord somewhere I don't know about?). If you make a BattleForge related discord in the future, you can also write a post here and I'll add it to the main list.

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