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[Giveaway] The ending of an era... And the beginning of a new one!


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8 Years ago, some good friends helped me making a huge Christmas giveaway, which kind of marked the end of the good old Battleforge as we knew it. This winter, we are celebrating the release of BF Reborn!  Of course I kind of want to keep this "tradition" going.

So yeah long story short, if there's a card you've always wanted to have in your collection deck (or just cards of a certain color in general), post your wishes here and I will try to make them come true as long as they are realistic. 


See ya ingame!


Donors of this giveaway:

- Evil market guy Bozzah 

- Kybaka who was kind enough to send me 15k bfp for giving away cards to newbs.



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I remember the old days in Battleforge. I could cry. I was starting to climb the PvP ladder and it was great fun. Old game just closed and I started reborn. But it wasn't the same. Now I wanted to try it again and I noticed the reset. I would just love to get my old PvP deck back or atleast something meta for farming PvE (Ghostships e.g. if they are still meta, shadow frost)
Biggest wish would be to just get my old nature fire PvP deck and start pvping again.

Maybe some Christmas spirit will fullfill it.

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