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Titans - mapscript bug: Rogan doesnt move to Brannoc

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DESCRIPTION: Rogan Kayle (aka. Maddie in the scripts) gets stuck at Scriptmarker Target "TargetMaddie".

REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens when Gate 7 & 8 are activated prematurely (before - I think - either the last spawn building is destroyed or Gate 2 and 4 were activated).


Struck Rogan:


Gate 7 & 8:


REPLAY: 20200926_001416_11304_PvE_04p_Titans.pmv

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not the cleanest of fixes, but the best I came up with is

bf1>map>pve>11304_pve_04p_titans>script1>gates.lua>line:104 replace OnOneTimeEvent with new OnOneTimeEvent:

    Conditions = {
        Name = "mf_Gate07Open"
        Name = "mf_Gate08Open"
      EntityIsInRange({ -- new check to prevent premature trigger
        Name = "Maddie",
        TargetTag = "TargetMaddie",
        Range = 10

    Actions = {
        Group = "sg_Civilians",
        TargetTag = "sg_CivilistEndstation",
        Run = default
        Tag = "Maddie",
        TargetTag = "sg_MaddieEndstation",
        Run = default

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