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Didn't get Gold/XP Reward for Completing rPvE 9 Game

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NAME: Didn't get Gold/XP Reward for Completing rPvE 9 Game

DESCRIPTION: This was 4 player rPvE game level 9. At the end I got gold only for gold crates, but not the 4200 gold for completing the mission and no XP reward (see screen shot).

REPRODUCIBILITY: Not sure. This is the first time I didn't get the gold reward for rPvE.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Attached are screen shots and recorded game. The third screen shot shows that I got 3 quest rewards for completing the rPvE game.

LOG: Logs are attached.





Skylords - rPvE 9 Screen 1.gif

Skylords - rPvE 9 Screen 2.gif

Skylords - rPvE 9 Screen 3.gif

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Thank you for the detailed bug report. I have looked at the logs (and the screenshots, which were particularly helpful) and your current BFP and XP in the database and concluded that you did receive the gold and XP, but for some reason the client does not display it. 
Note for myself: it seems that you received the MatchFinishedNotification with the rewards after you were already in the postgame screen.

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I can see now that in the first 2 screen shots my gold balance is 3864, and then when I took the 3rd screen shot my gold balance went up to 8064.

So that looks like a lag in giving the gold reward.

My second screen shot was taken at 7:40 PM and my 3rd screen shot (where the gold reward was given) was taken at 7:43 PM.

So it took the server a few minutes to give the reward.

I suspect that if I had stayed on the post game screen for a few more minutes, then it would have changed to show the gold reward.

I have seen that before.

At some points the numbers change if I wait long enough on the post game screen.

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