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Custom map idea

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I was thinking of a 1vs1 custom map in which player A plays normally while player B is not allowed to spawn units and buildings, but could only use spells. However player B is helped by PvE units that spawn from buildings in intervals and attack player A. The PvE enemy also has camps with defenses. Player A wins when all PvE camps are destroyed while player B wins when player A is killed or the time runs out.

So basically it is a PvE map for player A, but the PvE enemy is helped by a real player (maybe he should be able to micro the spawned units as well). 

Any map creator who wants to give a shot at this idea?

I think it should be possible to let player B not spawn any units or buildings by setting his starting monument + power wells (and extra monuments and wells to take) on an island with high mountains in between the rest of the map (so flying units cant fly over). The rest is basically a normal pve map, so maybe an existing PvE map could be used as a base to test if this idea is really as cool as it seems to me. If it turns out to be great it could also be done as a 2vs1 map (with better pve units) or as a 2vs2 map I guess.

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I like some parts of the idea, see a couple of managable difficulties with other parts, but will make some metal notes to try some stuff out.

Specificly I like the 'only spell interation'-idea. One could very well make just one unit with some abilities/spells available for both players and periodicly generate non-controlable, but interactable squadwaves. But then again... that would be Skylords reborn, but a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), which is kinda lame but kinda pretty amazing to think about. The concept is easily doable, balancing would be a nightmare, but thats a story for another time.
What do you think about if I'd make a scuffed Skylords reborn MOBA?

Also possible its exactly the opposite: letting both players spawn preset, uncontrolable squads and support them with spells. it would somewhat resemble "age of war", a super old browsergame.

I don't really like the mixing of the two jsut because of the headache I'd get when I'd try to balance it. It's way easiert to make a fun mode where both parties/players have the same starting point. Noone can really complain about having a disadvantage that way. ^^

FYI: About not letting a specific player play out some cards:
From a technical view it's absolutly possible to disallow players from spawning anything but spells in the mapscripts.

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