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Won PvP match - lost elo

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NAME: Losing elo after winning a PvP match

DESCRIPTION: Pretty self explanatory in the name, I just won a PvP match but got 163 elo points taken away. Now IF (!) memory serves right I think this was possible in the old bf aswell, but I´m not certain on this. However even if it was possible I´d still find it a bit odd to happen here as my opponent was only 2 PvP ranks below me. Btw my opponent lost elo aswell, don´t know if that´s important to know.

REPRODUCIBILITY: It´s the first time I noticed this happening but will have an eye out for it to occur again in the future. In most games I win I do receive additional elo.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Well I could provide the after match screenshot here but since it doesn´t indicate who won the match it´s probably not of much use. However I´m going to attach the replay of said match.

LOG: Attached.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I just watched the replay again and noticed that he had a higher rating than me, however he conceded. Wanted to mention it since this might be part of the problem.



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I would assume this happens due to the activity bonus being upated. This is the only explanation imo, since you mentioned that your opponent also lost elo.

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