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Are there some top lists of archetypes

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Signing in to this forum and getting back to game after 10 years put me into question. Now that I have only beginners cards and no way to donate like before to get decent cards quickly I started to wonder which cards to collect and decks to made. Back in 2009 I played pure shadow only cause I liked it, right now I am thinking with which archetype to start with so that I don’t waste resources on smth weak. I hardly remember what was playable, only that most people played pure fire and nature in pvp, pve I don’t remember at all. 

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Posted (edited)

Hey, this guide can give you an overview about wich PvP decks are rather strong/weak and wich are most suitable to begin with:

When it comes to PVE you can generally say splash decks (different colours in one deck) are stronger than pure decks. For beginners nature and frost are a good combination because these factions have a lot of cards that make your armies and bases safe and stable. But in the end its a question of wich playstyle you prefer, because shadow and fire cards aren't weaker, they just need a little more knowledge and experience to succeed with.

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If you want to play a cheap starting deck with the most overlap between pve and pvp, I'd recommend shadow nature.

The core nature spells (hurricane, root, surge of light, oink) are very strong at all levels. Shadow phoenix, darkelves, and nightcrawler are simply strong cards which are useful in pvp and pve. Nightguard, forsaken, and motivate are a great way to start pvp or pve (if you wanted to play fire pve, you would mostly use cards like nomad and mine which aren't used in pvp).

For pvp you should take more t1 cards, and for pve you should take more buildings and t3 spells (embalmer's shrine, breeding grounds, necroblaster, frenetic assault).


But in general shadow nature cards are strong, cheap, and there is probably a 50% overlap between pve and pvp, so this would be my recommendation for a starting card collection.

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