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Some thoughts and idea collections about the economy and more

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Hello skylords,

i made a post in a thread a few days ago with some thoughts on economy and other aspects of the game what in my opinion need some change (for the end release or sooner) but that was the wrong place to discuss that.

i make my own thread where i voice some thoughts and ideas that i had about the game. 


First of all i played BF back in the EA days a decent amount. i would consider myself a casual BF player, not a complete noob but not a pro player. and everything i write here is my personal opinion that aligns with a few friends of mine that also used to play this game back in the day.

one of the big things that I've seen that the game was lacking are any kind of BFP sinks. if we look at a game like escape from tarkov that has a economy where there is infinite currency generated and also involves players controlling most of the prices. that game has many places where you need to spend currency to the system that will disappear form the economy.

skylords only money sink are booster from the shop. as @Kubik posted in a other thread there are a decent amount of people buying boosters from the store, i would like to see the number of how many boosters people trade in a day. and since a few individuals stocked tens of thousands BFP on their accounts for those people it would be really easy to just buy every copy of a specific card in the AH and resell them for a MUCH higher price. in tarkov this usualy dosnt happen since there is way to much supply of stuff that people sell even though you can still see is when a person buys the 10 lowest priced things and sells it for highers. But they always pay some extra for buying and selling again so they slowly get drained of funds.


There is not much to stop this behaviour so some ideas:

  • more cards so people cant buy everything but then people get cards to fast.
  • give a BFP for accounts that way a card can never exceed a given amount, my only concern is that maybe prices will then be always on the cap after a while.
  • make people pay fees in BFP for putting up cards, gold is not worth anything at a certain point. for most games those fees are a % of the price they sell it, for example 2%

feel free to add some ideas.


Now some thoughts about something that i also discussed with friends that used to play this game(they don't play right now because of the reset)

it is about progression in the game. BF never had a ultra amount of progression or something that you could easily see like in other games. Cards where heavily limited unless you spend a lot of real life money. But getting good cards F2P was a really daunting process. in skylords getting cards isn't that much of a problem anymore and i like that of course!

but certain things make me less inclined to play more or keep playing. For example: the only reason right now to play expert maps is for upgrades right? like it used to be back in BF. but i don't need to play Expert if i can just play RPVE9 and farm gold that way. now that i can clear RPVE9 without much problems i started playing less and less, because i don't need to work out a deck with the cards that i own right now to beat a expert map. I could still do it but i am not that kind of person who does something just of the sake of doing it. and RPVE9 is so easy when you get a deck rolling i don't see a point in doing expert since i need to invest waaaay less effort in farming RPVE9 then making a deck for expert work. I know that there are many videos on how to beat a map on expert but that just removes 90% of the difficulty because i don't need to build a deck around the cards that i currently own, and that is the thing that kept me playing for so many hours back in the days. I didnt have much money so i couldn't build a fancy deck that every youtube video was using. I loved the videos that showed people how to beat a map with the starter cards what was amazing.


Some ideas:

  • change how i upgrade cards. Tokens existed for a reason.
  • Give me a good reason to play expert if not for the upgrades. 

to throw something in here, i love the idea that when you beat all maps on expert that you get access to a different profile where you have everything unlocked but you cant trade or sell anything. That would solve the problem what some High end players have voiced that they don't get cards fast enough and they would like to have everything unlocked. make people work for it at last!


this was a long post and i hope we can have a constructing discussion about some ideas. 


PS: Again, this is all my personal opinion.



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3 hours ago, LEBOVIN said:

if deck building is putting you off, use the tutorial deck and try to beat expert maps with it ^^

building a deck with the cards i have is one of the main things why i play the game. i never said i don't like deckbuilding xD

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11 hours ago, GreySha said:

and RPVE9 is so easy when you get a deck rolling i don't see a point in doing expert since i need to invest waaaay less effort in farming RPVE9 then making a deck for expert work.

Oh sorry, misunderstood this part then, what I meant it that you wouldnt have to invest any effort, as the tutorial deck is given :)

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1 minute ago, LEBOVIN said:

Oh sorry, misunderstood this part then, what I meant it that you wouldnt have to invest any effort, as the tutorial deck is given :)

yah but its more like about the concept of deck building in general, that i wouldn't play the game as much without a reason to create decks for the different missions. And watching a youtube video on how someone else plays a mission just stifles creativity for new decks that build around the cards that i own :) but that is something that i find entertaining personally and doesn't has much to do with the other problems outside of that.

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