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  1. do you have another idea to reduce/remove RNG that would also not compromise the economy? if you let people straight up choose which cards they want then there isn't much of a point in trading or the AH UNLESS different people have different cards to choose from. if you let people earn cards over the story progression for example there wouldn't be much of a point for trading as well. those are the things that i thought of when you said that you don't want RNG but do tell me more. Tax would be one of the easier things to soak up some BFP to combat inflation a bit yah i would like to see i
  2. i didn't say people don't open boosters but the ones that always sell their boosters are getting quite the economy lead in my opinion. Well RNG makes boosters somewhat fun i say but to reduce it (and add more options to spend BFP) why not bring back the different edition Boosters? So if i want more cards from one edition you could buy a booster for that edition. Like they had it back in the day. so it is Less RNG then now. maybe reduce the prices for those edition boosters to less then a booster is right now but that had to be tested first. Inflation isn't TOO bad right now yes, but its o
  3. well there needs to be some place where bfp disappears, the only place right now are boosters from the shop but people rather buy from other people for less, bringing the money back into circulation. I say make boosters not tradeable so when people want them they have to make their quest (for right now) or buy from the store. Side effect would be that the people that would never open boosters to sell them wouldn't get rich to quick, that is a good thing in my opinion. If you cant implement anything that eats BFP the economy will only work for so long till it inflates into nothingness that
  4. yah but its more like about the concept of deck building in general, that i wouldn't play the game as much without a reason to create decks for the different missions. And watching a youtube video on how someone else plays a mission just stifles creativity for new decks that build around the cards that i own but that is something that i find entertaining personally and doesn't has much to do with the other problems outside of that.
  5. building a deck with the cards i have is one of the main things why i play the game. i never said i don't like deckbuilding xD
  6. Hello skylords, i made a post in a thread a few days ago with some thoughts on economy and other aspects of the game what in my opinion need some change (for the end release or sooner) but that was the wrong place to discuss that. i make my own thread where i voice some thoughts and ideas that i had about the game. First of all i played BF back in the EA days a decent amount. i would consider myself a casual BF player, not a complete noob but not a pro player. and everything i write here is my personal opinion that aligns with a few friends of mine that also used to play
  7. would be interesting to see that too!
  8. so there are 4000+ POTENTIAL cards in the game? so enemy units or units that are not live in the game that we can't obtain.
  9. Well using the cards you have to make a strategy is a different thing then picking a existing strategy and making a deck for that (that's how i understood your answer). i also like to follow a video and build the deck that is used but that dose not give me as much entertainment as forging a strategy myself since i don't have the cards to follow that specific video for example. it just removes a good portion of the reason to play for me, that's why i also don't play on the test server besides testing things like the new bfp system.
  10. i would argue that MTG and BF not only have cards in common. you have a deck building experience in both games to make a strategy, the difference in that case is that in mtg you cant build your deck to work against specific players unlike BF where you can build a deck that works directly against a mission. But working with what cards you have at hand is part of the reason why i always liked BF, limited cards are a good thing to get different strategies. People used to make videos about how you could beat maps with the starter decks because not many people had access to high end cards. The peop
  11. Well i would like to throw my 50cts also in here. i have been more active in the last few week/s and have read more on the forums as well and for the most part i don't see much comments from more casual players like myself (probably for good reason). I have plaid a decent amount of BF back in the EA days, not a complete noob but also not a top tier player. The last few posts that i looked into on here was a lot of back and forth about the game resetting and how BFP can be handled. And to mostly the higher players say that they want some way to unlock everything and that you get y
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