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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello, my name is Grey, iam a 26 year old fully time twitch streamer (just a small one but i do it with passion) where i play different games to entertain my followers and friends. i stream 5 days a week and would love to dedicate at last 3 of those days (6-12 hours per day) to playing and streaming battleforge (if that is allowed) back in the day i playd around 2000 hours of battleforge with my friends in mostly PVE secnarios and some PVP alone. Since i put alot of my time in battleforge when it was alive iam even more excited to see this game comming back to life by the awesome resurection you guys from skylords reborn are doing and the amazing suport by the community is giving you so you can bring back one of the most beloved games some of us have. Currently iam an active member of the Dauntless community that went open beta just a few weeks ago and i tested more games in the past so i know what i need to look for when it comes to issueing bugs and adressing them. My Discord is VioletGreySha#9493 ps: i love nature decks but ive played any combination of cards in the game that i could think of. Keep doing an awesome job! (sorry for bad english iam not a native english writer)
  2. GreySha

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    lets gooooo!
  3. GreySha

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    count me in

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