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Lost spirit ship green [for some heals hit it with a armor tower, my opinion to be best recycle usage],

take green affinity over purple on lost dragon [cost is crap cheap on buying charges for lost dragon]

launcher red affinity is way stronger than blue if you can grab one


[these are more of pve set up, if you doing pvp modes, might want to ask pvpers, rpve [once you have a lost spirit ship with recycle you are good to go]]..

example of lost spirit ship and armored tower for rpve check below first clip only [timestamped already]

note: there are alot of more card that can be set up for frost shadow but that depends on your bfp accumulations as infect cost 3k+ and there are other card for void power like cultist master and furnance of flesh..

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On 10/21/2019 at 4:10 PM, Shimol said:

hey guys i started playing, sorry re-playing about a week ago and this is my current deck, any suggestions would come in handyUntitled.thumb.png.6f99e407891499cf15cc79a682618c60.png

i'm currently using this deck for all modes(even though i know it's not rpve material...


For rpve and campaign pve, I suggest making separate decks, for pvp if u plan to play, 1-2 decks for 1v1 (should be enough mostly) and few for 2v2 depends on your playstyle

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