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Lately, I've seen some players with a clan tag in their names. Well, they added the tag within the name. But what if another player wants to join? He has to create a new account from scratch, because changing the name is not possible. Also, multi accounting is not allowed.

Here is the solution:

Use the old menu, where you can create new names/accounts bound to your one and only mail address, to enter an additional clan tag. That tag should be editable or possibly blank. The players displayed in game name should then be assembled from tag plus (fixed) name.

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A tag? Maybe like 5 chars?

Oh, right. Of course, there is a maximum length for names. I prefer short names, so I hadn't that in mind.

Anyhow, you could make that semi-dynamic. Let's say, right now the allowed name length is 15 characters. A player has a fixed name of 8 characters. There should be a (unique) separator between tag and name, like a blank. Then you could allow this player to add everything up to 6 characters as a tag. Another player's name has the length of 10, so that one could only add 4 chars as tag. This is of course not optimal, but under the current circumstances it should give the best yield. :)

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1 hour ago, Kubik said:

it is 16 characters, and some players use it, so they will not be allowed to have clans? :thinking:

Yes please ban those players!

/sarcasm off

Can you not extend the text length possibility?

Tag length max 3 Letters is enough. that would not disturb the overview.

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there is not enough space on screen for more letters. You can try asking Johnzyna or Ladadoos if they want to manually go trough every possible resolution and all the dialogs and UI elements and find the space somewhere. I am sure I will not do that, and I think they will say no as well. So no we can not increase the character count and in at least one place the game will crash if it will have more than 16 characters, so increasing character count would probably also require modifying the game binary, which is definitely  not worth it.

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ok. A simple "no".

"Unless we are looking for the required data excessively. But what (legitimately) is too much effort."

Too bad. It is a good idea. Maybe that will happen someday, or one of the Dataminer accidentally comes across it :D

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I like the idea.

there is 100s places where player name can be shown, multiply that by ~20 base resolutions the game support, and checking them one by one would be too much effort.

"one of the Dataminer accidentally comes across it" what? :thinking:

some sort of clans/guilds/or whatever it would be called is planned feature and making the names bit shorter to allow that is one of considered options, but we just can not simply limit existing names, because it would break things like mails for example.

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