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3 - XL Unit Clipping Bug

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NAME: 3 - Harvester/XL Unit Clipping Bug
LOCATION: Encounters with Twilight
 Random (Need to test more to confirm reproducibility)

Hey guys, on the stream last night this happened.

Seems to occur when an XL/Harvester is near a placed building/wall and can't path correctly due to an obstruction.

Someone said in stream that they have seen this issue before in the original game, but I am just making sure it's not a new bug :)


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Name: Units leaving battlefield on Bad Harvest (such as XLs like Lost Grigori)
Severity: 3
Location: Bad Harvest - Standard
Reproducility: 1/2         50%        Don't really know, couldn't repeat due to some problems.
Description: During Bad Harvest, playing as player Blue (2), after taking 3rd orb, I went western path to clear 2 power wells and prepare for 2nd Stonekin Lord. Lost Grigori (probably) attempted to destroy bandit camp on the cliff, so he entered it. While walking on the cliff, he just left the map by western side. After a while he came back.
Screenshot: 2 Added, should be here somewhere.
Addinotional information: It might be some kind of terrain problem. And I am terrible LS player, even my perfecly loyal souls are escaping from me.

Lost Grigori 1.png

Lost Grigori 6.png

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