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different versions of one map online

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During the process of map testing a new map i upload it  then i changed something and uploaded the new one . i thought it will overwrite the old one. I think back in the day it was like this?! 

This would have the folowing problem. If i upload a newer version of a map and somebody overwrites it with an older version.

I suggest just the creator of a map and the devs should be able to upload a map to the server. Or is it allready like this?

Now there are 2 versions of my new map online and they are both not final.

You have a suggestion how to solve this problem? In future i wont upload any not final versions of a map. But there is allways the possibility that after some time u want update a map again.

For now pls delete all versions of "Dragonhunt" from the servers. I soon will release the final version.


Edit: I just see i changed the Name from two words to one word... that is one part of the problem.

Kind Regards 

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there is few problems with it:

  • multiple people can create different map with same name
  • overwriting the maps is not possible because they are not same maps
  • deleting maps from the server is not implemented and it was decided it is not important feature for now, so only way to delete them is stop the server
  • luckily for you servers crash still too often so your old versions of the map will not be there for ever, my guess it they will not survive tomorrow

Extending community map support is planed feature but sometime in the distant future maybe. Solving crashes first.

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I ´ll just give my maps version numbers to at least make sure the newest is recognizeble.

Like "dragonhunt 1.0"

But maybe other people will reupload older versions after the serverstop.

It will result in one map will be on the server in manny versions.

And some day the server is stable there should be a way of deleting old maps. Not for the players but at least for the devs.

So map makers can ask devs for delete.


Kind regards

I searched out a old thread from 2015 were "The Black One" made a statement. I dont think it will help but anyway is interesting.



Kind regards

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We have something like that in mind :) for some future improvement

We will add delete possibility at some point for sure.

But we want to allow community to rate maps, can you imagine single person testing 10^x maps? :D and maps with better rating will be displayed first, also we will not need to check all maps, but only first few and if they are good enough we can consider making them official maps with rewards, and last few we may consider deleting.

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