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Name: Trade Skipping 5 second grace period.

Severity: 3

Location: Trade Window

Reproducibility: 4 out of the 4 times the scenario has allowed outside of testing the bug itself, I'll test it with a friend when I et the chance.

Description: There's a scenario where a trade will skip giving a participant a 5 second grace period when the other hits accept trade. I'm assuming it's when both players hit accept trade at the same time.

Screenshot: I'll supply one later tonight after more testing.

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12 minutes ago, fiki574 said:

Is it so hard to follow the bug report template? This is your second report a bug topic where you give vain explanations and are not following template. We're usually giving warnings for this, which can add up to temporary ban.

I'm sorry, I didn't notice there was a template. Kubik, who answered the other thread, didn't mention it when replying so it didn't even occur to me to check. I'll fix the post.

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