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Batariel (P) aura sadness

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NAME: Batariel (P) broken (not the OP kind, the pathetic kind)
SEVERITY: 2 .5-ish
LOCATION: Forge, probably in any match
DESCRIPTION: Batariel (P)'s aura doesn't seem to work right. His aura has difficulty activating and doesn't ramp up. Instead it just dies out. This occurs when attacking a somewhat smaller number of targets (one XL target (Spore Launcher) or three M targets (Grove Spirits)). Batariel (R) has no such problem. Against small units (e.g. Skeleton Warriors) both do fine, but since they insta-kill the rest of the units upon aura activation, I can't observe any advantage purple should have (what is "burn away enemies' armor" supposed to mean?).

EDIT: Okay, I now noticed (while hitting walls) that Batariel (P) also gives a +35% ... +75% damage taken debuff.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I don't have the upgrades and I don't want to spend the time farming gold to upgrade him. Maybe with the 940 additional Damage at III he would do fine? It could be that he simply doesn't manage to do the required 1250 damage in 4 seconds, although I thought any melee damage would be enough once the aura is active.

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