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Greetings Skylords.

Today i wanted to play some ranked pvp. From 0. I have got one question. Why does it start with rating 98k - 100k ? I have 0 points. I am rookie. This should be something like 0-20k. Then lets say 0-40k. etc. I cannot agree on how it works now. It should be improved. Today i met one guy, also without pvp rank. We want to play together at ranked pvp. So we both start searching for opponent. He had the same searching for opponent with elo rating between 98.000 - 100.000. This should in first order assign us or someone else from our elo rating which is 0. Pls look at it.

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That is cause you dont start with 0 elo in the Battleforge ranking system,  every player start already with about 100k base elo.
You can see your Base Elo if you go over the arrow next to you in the ranking list (blue, green, yellow and red arrows, blue is max activity), the elo you mean is the activity elo and that is not 100% meaningful for your actual skill. 

Your Base elo will only change through winning or loosing, your activity elo can loose you ranks or display you a 10% bonus on top of your Base Elo if you are very active (blue arrow). 

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  • Everyone start with Base ELO of 100 000
  • When you lose, your base ELO is decreased, and increased for winning
  • There is activity bonus for playing at least 30 matches in last 30 days
  • You start with activity 0, so when you lose before you reach 30 matches, your Base ELO is decreased, but your ELO rating is increased

Your ELO rating start at 0, but pro player that was not active recently will can have ELO rating also 0

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