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1-Disconnect when starting Ranked PvP Match

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NAME: 1-Disconnect when starting Ranked PvP Match


LOCATION: Loading Screen

REPRODUCIBILITY: 30-40% seems random

DESCRIPTION: After loading into a ranked PvP Match, you would disconnect after loading screen, game would crash and bring you back to desktop(.exe closes) crashdata.mdmp log.txt log_gd.txt 


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Watching DasToggy Stream, it seems like when we queue at the same time, we both matched against the same person. Ultrakool(thereafter person A), thelight288(Thereafter person B ) and DasToggy(thereafter person C) gets matched with each other. 

A got matched with B in match 1

B matched with C in match 2

A disconnected, (assumed that B didnt?) in match 1

B disconnected (C didnt, I saw it on stream) in match 2.


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