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Rerolling Cards

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Good evening everyone,

today I took some trashcards in the AH and hope they gonna get sold. While doing this I got an idea.

I played a lot of League of Legends. While playing you get Skins for Champions. You can reroll three Skins into another new one. Maybe better, maybe worse. Just RNG.

Won't be it a cool feature for Skylords? You have trashcards you will never use and which will never get sold. Just put them in a craftingbox and get a new one.

What do you think guys?


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I do think that for some cards, being able to convert them down into gold would be a surefire way to get rid of them. Lets be honest, some probably won't sell at ALL.

It would be nice to have a guaranteed way to get rid of the cards you don't need, and get something in return.

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Both options was discussed and probably be also implemented, but we need to be careful there to not screw economy by this. So it will not be soon.

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