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    Balance Proposal: Mutating Maniac

    Mutating Maniac: The strongest drawbacks to this card come in the form of its expensive ability, and inferior cost-to-power ratio in comparison to other cards accessible at T3. Under no competitive circumstances is this card a viable pick over cards like Fathom Lord & Giant Slayers in PvP, but we're hoping to make Mutating Maniac a more appealing PvE option. For this, we propose the following changes: General: - Reduce energy cost to 120. (From 140). Ability: Toxic Cloud - Reduce energy cost to 30 (from 90) These changes were voted on by the Representatives of the Skylords Reborn Balance Discord. Voting Results: Representative - 1 | 8 (Energy Cost) 7 (Ability Energy Cost) We hope that this will make Mutating Maniac more appealing--and more importantly--more fun. We will happily revisit the card if further balancing is needed. With love, Aqua
  2. The Aquanix

    Balance Proposal: Boom Brothers

    Boom Brothers: The greatest flaw of Boom Brothers seems to be a lack of valid reasoning for use. While it is not a bad card there are so many cards in T4 fire that dominate versus XL that this card sees no spotlight. Therefore, we'd like to propose the following change: Ability: BOOM! - Increase damage from 1100 (2640) to 2400 (3200). This change was voted on by the Community & Representatives of the Skylords Reborn Balancing Discord. Voting Results: Public Vote - 1 | 26 Representative Vote - 5 This should put Boom Brothers into a nice spot of serving as a powerful counter to bosses or single XL targets. We will revisit if further balance is necessary. With love, Aqua
  3. Primeval Watcher: The most prominent gripe i saw with this card was the damage of its main attack, which against single targets was often regarded as too weak. 500 Damage is alot to most enemies, but against a T4 creature is much less significant. Our goal is to settle Primeval Watcher into the sweet spot that allows it to be effective against single targets, but not overwhelming against groups. With this in mind, we have proposed the following change to nudge Primeval Watcher closer to this sweet spot: Ability: Gaze of the Watcher. - Increase damage to 600 (from 500). - The damage reduction formula (-50%/first chain, -33%/subsequent chains) for chaining targets is left unchanged. These changes were voted on by the Community & Representatives of the Skylords Reborn Balancing Discord. Voting Results: Public Vote - 3 | 46 Representative Vote - 1 | 5 We will revisit Primeval Watcher in the future if further balance is needed. With love, Aqua
  4. Has this ever happened to you? "All of my extra blaster cannons and bandit sorceress' are taking up space and i can't sell them because nobody buys them, oh i wish there was something i could do!" Well now you can! (maybe) Introducing the new (theoretical) Card Recycler! Take all of those old extra cards you can't sell and turn em into gold! It's quick, easy, and cleans up that space easily! If the fake infomerical wasn't enough to explain it, basically i'd like to see a recycling system in place to get rid of cards that just don't sell...Pretty much turns cards into gold, with the amount of gold given based on the rarity. Probably something like 50/250/500/1000 for Common/Uncommon/Rare/Ultra-Rare I think this would help clean up all of those spare cards everybody keeps getting that never sell on the market because the card is just never used enough. Any thoughts?
  5. The Aquanix

    Expert Training Chat

    So, we all know that Beginner chat exists. All of us new players talk there to get advice on how to play the game and have others help us get started, but what about those that need help going into the bigger leagues? I myself have had a huge anxiety issue when it comes to expert maps, not wanting to get in the way of people who actually know the map. So with this in mind, i'd like to propose a potential and small addition: A new chat type similar to Beginner, but for people who want help with expert maps or to have veterans tutor them in-game for it. It might be unnecessary (and it probably is), but i want to put the idea out there.
  6. This is more of a small request than anything else, but i'd like to see the diversity of enemy units that can be summoned into the forge increased. Mostly just so i can take note of their performance in a less stressful environment, but as a reason beyond my own: It might be a Quality of Life addition that would help test out various tactics against enemy formations that could be encountered in gameplay. Or just, for the sake of having more punching bags
  7. I can sympathize. I do believe upgrades should really be earned, a reward for your dedication to the game. Upgrading doesn't feel the same if its just being bought, it feels cheap... I support this: 100%
  8. The Aquanix

    BF Memeville

  9. The Aquanix

    BF Memeville

  10. The Aquanix

    Faction-Specific Victory Screens

    Whenever we win a game, we're greeted to the image of a juggernaut. It's cool, badass, and to top it all off we get a victory tune that is different based on the faction we used to win with! However, i always wondered...Why doesn't the image change as well? Why don't we see creatures like the Tremor or Dreadnought for frost victories? Grimvines or Thornbarks for nature victories? Harvesters and Overlords for shadow victories? Victory screen differences are just a small aesthetical change but one i would personally like to see. Why not even include victory screens for the splash factions? If that's possible?
  11. The Aquanix

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    Lets just be real here for a second...Does anybody even use this thing? A sad fate befell the Fire Worm, a card which on paper seems incredibly strong but in reality is much too fragile for its own good... Worms in general have the consistent trait of being a mobile powerhouse with minimal survivability behind them, that much is certain with the Deepcoil and Core Dredge. But the fire worm...Oh why did the fire worm have to be so Flawed? To sum it up briefly: The worm is lacking enough offensive strength to balance out its fragile nature, and i'll explain why. Worms in general follow the general stigma of "Unique, offensive strength, but low survivability except on the move." Which holds true, but the fire worm is an example of card balancing not quite done right. The major flaw with fire worm is that it's not able to put out enough damage to make it worth using in the fourth era, its strength pales to other fire T4 cards, and even with cards weaker than it stat-wise such as the BOOM Brothers and Emberstrike, they have the advantage of cost-efficiency. This begs the question: Why the hell is this a dominator and not an archer? But i digress. One could argue that Percussive Birth and Earthquake make the card effective and stand out from other T4 cards but i beg to differ: Percussive Birth requires you to summon the creature RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR ENEMIES. For a card like Emberstrike this is a cost-effective burst damage summon given the cards lower power cost. But for the fire worm, it's just not enough to justify spending 210 power. Secondly, earthquake has a limited area of effect and while it CAN inflict tremendous damage, the main flaw is that it often knocks enemies out of the area of effect which heavily reduces the damage. Compared to its other fire T4 brethren, the fire worm just can't compete...Even the fire dragon, which is similarly fragile: Has rage to make up for its weak survivability. I propose three possible changes to make the fire worm more viable: A - Buff the worms damage output even higher to justify the low HP or alternatively, give it rage. B - Reduce the worms power cost to make it more spammable C - Increase the worms attack range to be more like a sniper, alternatively simply buff its HP to be higher given it's status as a "dominator" Given the worms incredible fragility, shouldn't it also deal massive damage in turn? That's the trait with fire dragon so why not this one? Buffing its damage output would seriously make the card more worthwhile, and would balance out with its low HP If buffing the stats would somehow break the card, at least reducing the power cost would make it more spammable and perhaps more useable as a percussive birth unit. Alternatively, buffing the range to be more like a long-ranged artillery could give the card some use even if it's damage output is not buffed. Being able to assault foes at a great distance would allow the card to stay further back from fights and its low HP would be less of a hindrance, only if foes got close could it then be a weakness Obviously, you could combine both: Buff the damage AND the range, but in that case you'd have to mellow out the damage to compensate since, well lets be honest if the card had 6000 ATK and could shoot from 50m it would be pretty fucking strong. What do you think?
  12. The Aquanix

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    At least we got results, but those were just suggestions. I still firmly believe that an increase to attack range would be preferable to balance the worm out.
  13. The Aquanix

    Add a chest to all T2 orbs in random PvE

    Chests already randomly spawn, and half the time people ignore them. This would be rather unnecessary i'm afraid.
  14. The Aquanix

    Rerolling Cards

    I do think that for some cards, being able to convert them down into gold would be a surefire way to get rid of them. Lets be honest, some probably won't sell at ALL. It would be nice to have a guaranteed way to get rid of the cards you don't need, and get something in return.
  15. The Aquanix

    Categorizing Spare Cards

    I would love to see extra categorization for our cards, specifically for one aspect in particular. Being able to categorize all of your SPARE cards, essentially if you were to have a card fully upgraded and charged, but you have another card of the same type, it is a SPARE. By categorizing, you have all of the spares easily accessible for selling rather than having to scroll through and find them all. In general though, extra categorization would be welcome in my book.
  16. The Aquanix

    Executor Rework

    On the topic of making underwhelming cards, or those who are simply outperformed by another card that does the exact same job but better, i'd like to suggest a potential rework to a card i used to enjoy greatly in the past but realized that it's simply inferior to another card. The Executor. This card on the surface just seems to be a Medium Wrathblades with an identical ability, not much different. Which in and of itself isn't bad, but it is simply outperformed by the Nox Trooper, who, while not dealing as much damage per hit simply has the huge advantage of a ranged attack AND a charged attack that can do massive damage. To top it all off, it is an M counter who's ability will not hinder it strength-wise. I'd love to see the Executor, among many other underwhelming or outperformed cards see use in gameplay, even if the use is niche i feel the card should at least be very strong in that niche situation to make it stand out and be effective. As such, i'd like to promote the following change. New Ability: Execute Costs 50 Power. Unit loses 450 HP by activating this ability. Cannot activate if it has less than 450 HP. Unit executes the target enemy, instantly killing it. Can only be cast on enemy units whos current HP is ≤ 50% of its total HP. Can only be cast on ground units with a maximum of 2 orbs and 90 power costs. Cannot be casted on XL Units. Execute could turn the tides of fate for the Executor and bring this card to a new position of use. With the ability to kill an injured enemy up to a point instantly, this could see some great use and make it stand out comparative to its other T1 counterparts. Who knows, this could be one of many things to bring underused and underwhelming cards back into the light of the new sun! Update: Due to great and considered suggestions by others, the ability concept has been tweaked to cost the unit more health and require less than 50% of the total HP to be left for an execution to be used. This should prevent the ability from being too strong by allowing the executor to instantly destroy a dazed unit, as well as enabling simple spells like eruption, even at U0 to damage the Executor too greatly for it to cast the ability. Additionally, the power cost maximum has been reduced to 90 to prevent units like the Sunderer at U3 from being vulnerable. Thanks to RadicalX, ImaginaryNumb3r, and Eirias for their wonderful suggestions.
  17. The Aquanix

    Executor Rework

    Happy to oblige. I will agree that shadow T1 is incredibly strong, i'm just looking to make executor stand out more viably in any gamemode, even if its just PVE. I usually never see wrathblades played much, people usually just spam forsaken with nox troopers.
  18. The Aquanix

    Executor Rework

    I wanted to address your position personally. While it is not a bad idea by any means, i do have to object to making the Executor an S-Counter for one reason. The Wrathblades already fulfill this job, even being able to put out similar damage when at U2. While it is definitely a cheap tanking unit, it would need to be U3 to surpass the wrathblades in life points. It simply would be bordering on the wrathblades position very closely if it were an S-Counter. Not to mention, the Dreadcharger has identical stats to the Executor along with the same lifepoint upgrades. With the added benefit of swift AND reaping at U1 the dreadcharger simply outperforms the executor in just about anything. The only advantage executor would have is being cheaper by 10 power. Which in and of itself could be useful but i think that being just an M wrathblades with an S counter steps too far onto the role that the Dreadcharger already fills, without being able to compete with its swift capability. However, i can sympathize and agree with your position as well. Having another M Counter when there is already 3 is quite annoying, but moving it to be an L counter would step it onto the territory of the Nightguard, and giving it an S Counter would just make it a slightly larger wrathblades and a slightly cheaper but less effective dreadcharger. It wouldn't really bring the executor out of its hole, even in PVE except perhaps as a "I have nothing better" card.
  19. The Aquanix

    Executor Rework

    I'd be happy to hear your suggestions on how the ability could be better balanced. I can even edit the post and quote your suggestion. Perhaps i'll look into nature and frost cards and look into how they can be better balanced as well.

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