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Fire/Nature after beginning to play

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Hey guys,

played BF years ago (as we all did) and started the game yesterday again. At this point and first of all ty to the Skylords-Team for this miracle :)

In the past i played nature/frost mainly, but wanna try something new. Since i started yesterday all i draw yet is the 3 "welcome-back-boosterpacks".

Maybe you guys have some recommendations, wombo-combos (tactics) or powercreep-units for red/green decks, so i could try to trade a beginning-stock.

Ty in advance :)

Ps. sry for poor english, it's not my native language.

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Your English is totally fine, don‘t worry.

Do you look for a PvE/rPvE or PvP deck? It would be helpful to know these things because the game modes have different priorities and therefor require different types of deck compositions and cards


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Hey Marv, nice to see you in new Battleforge!

So there are many ways to go :) 

I give you some key cards, you need to get imo.

- Shrine of War
- Abomination

- Earthshaker
- Clusterexplosion
- Skycatcher (if you really want Twiligth, otherwise Giant Wyrm)

Optional Cards:
- Healing Gardens
- Inferno
- Unity
- Nightshade Plant

T1 and T2 depends on how you'd like to play it.

Fire Start:
- Nomad (Green)
- Sunstriders
- Eruption
- Mine
- Maybe some buildings like Mortar

Nature Start:
- Windweaver
- Dryade
- Surge of Light
- Ensineering Root (idk how to write it :D ) Or Hurrican

- Lavafield
- For some maps -> Firestalker (or Firedancer for pure fire)
- Curse of Oink
- Breeding Ground
- Any Unit you'd like to play

Probably there are some other cards I missed right now.

I could show you some decks if you want me to add ingame or I can create some decks and show it in here.


Cheers, DNY

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11 minutes ago, Treim said:

Your English is totally fine, don‘t worry.

Do you look for a PvE/rPvE or PvP deck? It would be helpful to know these things because the game modes have different priorities and therefor require different types of deck compositions and cards


First of all, ty for your reply. I really appreciate it. @Treim

rPvE = rated PvE? For the beginning a normal PvE deck, so i can play with some friends and just have a good time. It would be awesome, if the deck would be a good PvE deck and maybe at the same time a mediocre pvp deck, so i dont have to gather ressources to build 2 or more decks.


hey man, ty for your reply! :)

that's the kind of input i am searching for. Ofc nearly all of the cards are saying nothing to me ^^ i added you as a friend, so maybe we can talk a little bit ingame :)

wich T1 is stronger, red or green? I'm searching for a aggressive tactic, with controlling tools. I'm suprised not seeing a Shaman in your nature T1 recommandation. Could you explain this?

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rPvE = random PvE = Battlegrounds.

New York already did a goob job of lining out some of the core cards you should be looking for in PvE and rPvE.

There is an interesting diacussion going on about Shaman in another thread (about a Nature PvE deck). The TL;DR of my opinion is that Shamans are often more of an optional card, especially considering that a lot of players don‘t use them as a backliner/support unit only but let it attack often as well. Only on a couple of Expert PvE maps are they truly „required“ to play that map efficiently.

Considering that their price is absolutely inflated i would not recommend putting a high priority on it whatsoever if you just started and are short on BFP unless you really need the card for a specific expert map.

There is plenty of options for a start. If you want to go for damage with supportive spells, then fire natur is definetly a good place to go. I would recommend going fire nature or nature fire in that case for t2, as it enables you to have damage (Lavafield) and cc spells (oink) relatively early into the game. If you go pure nature or pure fire you tend to get only of the 2 things (generally). The t1 you pick is dependend on what you want to focus more, a controlled style with nature that complements the cc in t2 with cards like Surge of Light, Ensnaring Roots and/or Hurricane or a more aggressive style which complements the damage side in t2 with Mine and Eruption. Both starts are fine and are solely dependend on your personal preference. 

T3 i would personally tend to go towards a 2nd fire orb as you only really loose access to fathom lords but gain access to Inferno instead. Other possible carsds for such a t3 would be Deepocil worm, Equilibrium and Revenge as well as Giant Slayers.

T4 Abomination is a must as is Cluster Explosion and Regrowth. ln T4 heavy maps such as rPvE you can further use Twilight Pestilence, depending on if you use Revenge already

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Ty again! I#ve drawn a Shaman, that's why i was asking.

I'm tending to fire nature, for a aggressive start and t2 controlling options. So i would go first orb red, second orb green, third orb red and fourth green for abomination.

I'm working towards the "must-have" cards and trying to balance my deck "around" them. If i go fire first, would you recommend to take ensnaring/hurrican for second orb phase?


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Ensnaring Roots you can use in t2 still as it is a very flexible skill and affects all ground units no matter the tier, soeven in t4 you can get some value out of it. Hurricane i would tend to avoid in higher tiers as the amount of archer squads, where Roots is worse than hurricane tend to become fewer and fewer and also less of a problem. 

Ensnaring Roots furthermore has inbuild synergy with Mines, it is at least worth thinking about. It depends a bit on which other choices you make and with how many open slots you are left after you got all the core cards and maybe a few cards for personal preference.

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Ty mate. Maybe the discussion in this thread could base on your deck recommendation.

On the first (noobish) look by myself, i see many spells with less units (only 1 T3 unit?). I'm tending to deepcoil worm as another t3 unit.

But i'll swap some of the cards on my preference (e.g. i love the Firestalker and i need for my own safety on t1 or t2 a tower for regular defending). I feel (again im a noob, no matter how many hours i played this game in the past) there are to many damaging spells. Wich one is core in your opinion?

The simple tactical plan would be attack and support with the dmg spells, right?

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The deck above is tuned moreso towards random PvE where towers are absolutely useless with 2 exceptions. 

I would probably replace healing gardens and ray of light for 2 towers such as Mortar/Makeshift tower and Tower of Flames/Volcano/Comet Catcher. That leaves Ray of Light in a weird spot because it only really shines with healing gardens. So i would replace that with Surge of Light probably. 

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My decks are really spell based I know. As Treim told above, the deck is basicly for random PvE runs. (Level 9)

For any PvE Maps you need to replace some of the cards. Maybe you need some more T1 units or some other towers, and Fire Stalker allways a good choice for some maps.
Depends on which map you'd like to play, there are many different ways ofc.

Yeah maybe Ray of Light is not necessary and could be replaced by any other good card.

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13 hours ago, Marvvster said:

Maybe you could explain me, why is healing gardens a strong card. Most of time i dont use it... but many other players recommend me this card. Most heals are instant heals so it must be the regen aura, but 20m isnt't that far. Maybe it's good for sustaining fights?

The building has two effects. That 20m aura, which is quite nice when you have to defend stationary (for example Empire), especially combined with Dreadnought and/or Silvian Gate (? dunno if that is the right one). Also, this aura can help you out when charging Deathrays (when they fly over the building) The other effect is a global thingy. You need two Healing Gardens anywhere on the map to have that effect constantly activated. By its own it does nothing. But as Treim said, it buffs every other healing ability. Use Regrowth on a bunch of almost dead T4 units. Without Gardens you hardly see any difference on their health bars, with the effect all units are completely healed.

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I use it in some decks for rPvE. Imo a decent card if you hold it active until T3 or T4. Then you can destroy it.

The huge plus on the card is, that the effect heals every friendly unit, so also the ones from your team mates.
And 60 energy isnt that much for an investigation.

But I think its only worth, if you play nature T1 and build it immediatelty and keep it active.
For emergency heals, I take Surge of Light with me, so you can "big" heal your units when they about to die.

There are way more worse cards to use, but I wouldnt say FoR is a must have in a nature deck.

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23 hours ago, Marvvster said:

Hi, its me again :)

I'm trying around few cards ans came to the card Fountain of Rebirth. 

my Plan is a short t1 and t2 in rpve. For that i would pick up my fountain to support my mass windweavers. Is the card "worth it" in your opinion?


From a non-nature players perspective:

Its a nice bonus to have. Like, another good team player. And whatever your fraction is, you are not meant to have heals on t1. So a good plus. With one downside; with a bit luck you've done your first camp until the nature player starts attacking (because the built time takes quite some time until it is ready to use). If there is some pressure from t3 and the nature player is still standing at his t1... not good.

From the natures point of view:

Recently, I tried it myself. (To be honest: it was not upgraded at all.) You get a constant but slow heal. This, again, is a nice bonus to have. But it does not help you if one specific unit is under attack and will die soon. Then you'll need Surge of Light anyways. So I would question the overall use of it.

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If one of your T1 unit is getting focused, you need to get some micro action and move this unit back, so enemys will focus another unit and your damaged unit can heal in the background. Easy stuff to avoid unneccessary heal or death of your unit.

The cooldown of the building is quiet long for beginning. But if you spawn it immediatly when the map beginns, you can hold it active asap. 

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