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3 - Green Dryad not stopping Melee Disable

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NAME: Green Dryad not stopping Melee Disable
SEVERITY: 3 (or 4  :p) 
LOCATION: Any Game, or Forge (test with Twilight Abomination and Lost Dragon)
DESCRIPTION: Green Dryad protects against ranged disables (like from the Lost Dragon), spellbane, and a large variety of debuffs but not the melee disabled status effect (like from the Twilight Abomination). I presume this is an oversight, as it is a weakening effect, that seems like it should be in the same category as the aforementioned ones.

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Name: Benevolent Mo ineffective.

Severity: 2/3

Location: Forge, PvE

Reproducible: Yes

Description: The Incredible Mo's third option, Benevolent Mo, fails to prevent Twilight Abomination's melee-disabling Roar, despite supposedly preventing "All major debuffs."

(It can also be disenchanted by Lost Dancers, but that's a long standing interaction)

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Ok, here are some results Dryad and Mo Statue are now indeed blocking the "DisableMeleeAttack" ability (Abomination NPC either Abomination (:frostorb:)). So this one test can be considered as confirmed and resolved.

BUT there is also a thing with 'Mute' sort of ability that is NOT blocked (although idk how exactly does it behave). Here are some interactions with Mo Statue, Dryad, Colossus, both Abomination affinities, and the units with Active Abilities and the Switching abilities, aka Modes.
1) Abomination as a unit with Active Abilities can still cast them, BUT it doesn't work, because the unit doesn't follow any commands and will follow the last command given by the player or just behave automatically. This debuff is not blocked neither by Mo Statue 3rd form nor Dryad (:natureorb:).
Screenshot under spoiler



2) Abomination as a unit with Active Abilities can still cast them, despite the fact that Colossus activated its Mute ability. Behaves the same under the effect of the Mo Statue.
Screenshot attached



3) Phalanx as a unit with a Mode Switching ability cannot switch modes under the Colossus debuff, while being under green Dryad's area buff.
3.5) Same happens with the unit (Deepcoil Worm in this case), that has already switched modes and then the debuff was applied (is under both Dryad and Mo Statue buffs). ALTHOUGH, if the Deepcoil Worm is in the Standard - mobile mode - then it STILL can use its ranged auto-attacks (those are basically active abilities) and most likely could use active abilities. To add to that, the debuff is not even shown (another note, the debuff of the Mauler and Mark of the Keeper (both have 'Muting') are behaving the same way).
Screenshots are attached.



4) Spore Launcher as a unit with Mode Switching ability cannot switch modes under the Abomination (:shadoworb:) debuff, while being under green Dryad's and Mo Statue's buffs. Behaves the same way as generally uncontrollable unit.
Screenshot attached



This can be discussed a bit as should the Uncontrollable state be changed or not, but the Mute certainly must be shown correctly or even NOT be applied at all, since it already doesn't work correctly with the mode switching and is not applied under the Dryad and/or Mo Statue buffs.

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