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1 - cannot ready for a match


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  • NAME: cannot ready for a match
  • LOCATION: Mission Briefing
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Always since today. Did not Play on Sunday. Don't know since when exactly.
  • DESCRIPTION: When joining a Mission or trying to create my own the check box "Ready" does not have an effect. The check mark on the Player bar does not apear, so I cannot lauch the game. Also, When trying to join another game, it seems that the people are in the Group (right side of the screen), but no one is assigned to a starting place. But in the text window down below there apears text that I have joined a specific starting place after I clicked on a spot.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: yes, attached
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As other People still ask for games I assume that not all Players/games are affected.


Did not look up the resolved Folder. There is allready a similar Topic:


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