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Pure Frost PvE Deck and strategies

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Are there any experienced PvE frost players which may help me in building my pure frost deck ? (mix one, att/defense for campaign). I used to play frost at EA BF times, but still Im curious if some of more experienced players would share with me their favourite tactics :) My deck for now:

T1: Master Archers, Frost Mage, Ice Barrier, Ice Shield Tower, Home Soil, Wintertide
T2: Mountainer, Stormsinger, Coldsnap, Juice Tank, Area Ice Shield
T3: Avatar of Frost, Skyelf Sage, Stronghold, Frost Shard, Ward of the North
T4: Shatter Ice, Ironclad, Dreadnought, Worldbreaker Gun

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Hey Nicolaos

Im not a pro in pure frost decks, but I think I can help somehow. :)

Your deck looks good so far, there are some usefull cards in it. And deck making depends on which map you want to play.
For example War Eagle could be usefull for some maps or Northland Drake (even if he's weak, its a flying unit).

I would switch out Shatter Ice for Ice Tornado, I think its more usefull.

The following cards could be usefull:
- Ice Age                            -> in combination with Area Ice Shield and Mountaineer
- Timeless One                    -> for some more CC
- Construct and Battle Ship   -> for more T4 defense
- Kobold Inc.                       -> faster / instant tower building
- Shrine of Martyrs               -> if you dont use void manipulation somehow (not possible with pure frost)
- Northstar                          -> longer CC and more damage when frozen
- Juice Tank                        -> more / longer power
- Warden's Sigil                   -> could be usefull for some maps

Feel free to ask more, if you want to know something.

Cheers, DNY

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I do have an Question! Which Card combinations you can take for Pure Frost T2?
Im asking because i dont know which cominations are good. With T1,T3 and T4 i dont have an Problem but T2 is somehow difficult for me to build.

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You can do Stormsinger spam with Coldsnap + Homesoil, Mountaineer + Homesoil or WarEagle with Area Ice Shield.
Mountaineer helps you a lot if you can basically rush t3 with only minor reinforcements but is not that great against difficult t3's, namely Lost Souls as you dont have a reliable way to deal with Lost Vigils unless you take the extra slot for Gravity Surge or Stormsinger.
War Eagle i personally dislike because generally it tend to get better the more you have of them and is not much better against Lost Souls. I would take Mountaineer from an efficiency standpoint anytime over War Eagle.
Personal favourite is Stormsinger. You struggle a bit more agaisnt the weaker factions but it is really good against Lost Souls as it is very much spammable and Home Soil gets pretty insane that way. Stromsinger is only generally only really good if you have at least a couple of them. Against weaker factions you will probably have to spend a bit more compared to mountaineer decks but against Lost Souls Stormsingers have massive advantages.
All 3 are viable and having both Mountaineer and Stormsinger has you covered for every possibility but also costs you an extra slot which is generally to be avoided if possible for rPvE.
I would personally tend to Stormsinger as a t2 unit over Mountaineer and War Eagle as the 3rd option, for the simple reason that Frost doesn't really struggle against any faction but Lost Souls and therefor should tend to cover its weaknesses in that direction via unit choice.

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I would also throw the card Ice Age (green) in.
War Eagle with Area Ice Shields and Ice Age or Mountaineer with Ice Age is a really strong combo. You dont lose your Shield this way and the Shield heals up.

Try it ;-)

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