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Guild Management in Battleforge?

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Hello everyone,

I am currently having trouble at forming groups for PvE campaign maps (in order to grind for some ultrarare or rareIII upgrades) and I wonder about having guilds in Battleforge, wouldn't it be a nice addition for the community to organize and structure itself for events and stuff? 

What do you guys think?

Best regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tinkerfan

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We used to have a guild named (XNTX).   The way we made the guild was as follows:

1.  Make sure one player had all the cards of everyone who wanted to join the guild. ( you have to trust this player)  lol  :D   This player was the last to join!

2.  Once everyone had given the card person all their cards, everyone wanting to join the guild made a new player character with the prefix of the guild before their name. i.e.  XNTX WolvenX  for my name as an example.

3.  Once the character was created and in game.  the designated player with the stored cards gave everyone back their original cards.  This got over the multi accounting rule and made sure people could get all their cards back.

4.  You were then in the guild.  However, the only problem was that the cards were all basic and not upgraded, so you had to go through the process of upgrading your cards again.  But this didn't take too long and we had a function guild.

5.  We had in guild competitions, were able to help people with new cards from all the extra cards we accumulated.  i.e we had a card pool which members could use if they didn't have the card themselves.  We also produced How to play videos and expert map run through videos for new players and we always helped new players get on their feet as fast as possible.  

Overall it was a lot of fun and worth the small beginning or starting up issues with the cards.  :bf:

I hope this gives you a possible way to make a guild!  Cheers!

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