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I can't find a report player section

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Hey Toothless,

I am aware of this as I have seen it myself and I am currently sorting this issue out. If you see anything like this again the best thing to do is send a dm to a Global Moderator either on Discord or here on the forums along with any proof you may have and then the moderators can do their work.


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10 hours ago, Soldierbf said:

Wouldnt it be really dumb at the moment to buy smth for real money, before the Open Stress Test ended?
I mean yeah it is forbidden i know, but its more then dumb I guess. Paying for smth that will get reseted.

Sadly we have people making lots of accounts, as well as cheating on maps and even trying to buy or sell things for real money and it's just open stress testing so yeah. :P

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