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Hello community!

Its been some time since the open stress started and I was able to play and open some boosters.

So I am interested what you have packed so far! I packed myself following nice:

2x Lost Honor & 2x Spirit Ship & 2x Lost Dragon

2x Ensnaring Roots



Amii Monument & Jorne


Primeral Watcher

and Firedancer omg

Greetings Leo

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Had Pretty good carts so far, 

2x Cultist Master
1x Shaman
1x Viridya Promo 
1x Harvester
1x Home Soil 
1x Amazon
1x Windweavers
2x Lost Spirit Ship
1x Lost Dragon
1x Shadow Pheonix
1x Scythe Fiends
1x Brannoc / Jorne

But Traded Most of them and bought my Deck instead ^^

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