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Experiences with the stress test so far

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Hello fellow Skylords. :D

I thought by myself that after a few days into the server stress test, it is time to exchange about the actual experiences we made during this phase of game development. :)
While I did not come closer to the forge than to the starting screen of the game (I actually saw the forge already, so excited!!) to be disconnected instantly, a friend of mine actually managed to play the tutorial and open several booster packs, he also got a legendary card from them, how cool is that? :D 
So yeah I'm positive that this game is closer than ever to open Beta and even if it will surely take months until its actually possible to do multiplayer, my :hype:
 will not be broken.
What are your experiences? Maybe you even have some awesome screenshots? Please post it here and keep the love alive!
Regards to all of you

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Got in a couple of times. Played some Bad Harvest, sneaked onto position 3, went to the wagon and got my t4... helped my t2  teammates take down the last stonedude with a colossus that i got from a booster just before. Good old times. Love being able to play this game again, but from what i saw so far, the two main issues - which really are a bummer, but probably just need some time, are the server size - takes a while to get a slot when trying to log in. And that you sometimes disconnect when trying to open a lobby for a Map - which puts you back to having to wait for a server slot, but if those two are getting fixed anytime soon, i'm cancelling my WoW subscription. Keep up the good work, Guys who brought us this gem back.

Colossus !.png

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2 hours ago, Lord Darkmore said:

The launcher is opening for me but after I press play the client closes and nothing else opens up. :/

This happened to me a few times.

1. Are you running in administrator mode? This may help.

If that didn't work then

2. Put the client inside a new folder OUTSIDE of your program files folder. After one of the updates, I couldn't access the game. After creating a new folder and moving the client (and all relevant files) outside of program files, it worked like a charm.


Hopefully one of these methods works for you.

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It works as you would expect from a stress test.

You need a lot of tries to login, after you manage to login about 2/3 times the screen freezes on the world map or during difficulty selection and if you manage to get into the game it sometimes freezes (on the 2. Single player map especially).


But if you manage to get into a game it's really nostalgic and fun. Due to the way you acquire cards and bfp the auction house is nearly useless in the early stages but after a while it will probably ramp up.

Everything considered if I'm able to play a bit, the devs can fix issues due to me playing/disconnecting so the stability will improve in the future, I'm happy to go through all those disconnects and stuff to play a bit.


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