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3 - Multiple activations of single toggle building causes conversion to void power

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  • NAME: Multiple activation of a single building with one toggle causes more available power to go to the void
  • SEVERITY: 3 - If you know about it you can play around it, however it's annoying if you accidentally double click in hectic situations
  • LOCATION: Anywhere as long as there's available power and a building to activate
  • DESCRIPTION: When you have a building, or possibly unit, that has a toggle costing power, it subtracts the power from your active to your void for each time you click it in rapid succession before resolving the effect only once. Examples of this are Amii Monument and Worldbreaker Gun, but it probably also works with units that have a stance switch that costs power like Imperials.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: As shown, ability with power cost. Clicking it 10 times before the ability fully activates tosses 1000 void power in to your power pool.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ability should deactivate, become unclickable, when clicked once. Or at least no more power flow in to the void. Causes extra problems with lag, when you're not sure you actually triggered the activation.


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