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3 - Inviting someone to your group while in lobby doesn't always add him to the group channel


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NAME: 2 - Inviting someone to your group while in lobby doesn't always add him to the group channel
DESCRIPTION: Whenever I invite someone to my group while in a lobby, the invited player doesn't always seem to be able to use group chat and receives the message "You are not in a group channel."  At this point the invited player also doesn't receive any group messages from other group members. Whether you need to be in a lobby for this bug to occur I am not sure but it seems to only have when I invite people.

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I have good news for you and bad one.
on server it it add players correctly.

and the bad one
it is client side problem

From what I figured out BF have more that one type of group, lobby group, and match group(lets call them that way) BF for some unknown reason add player to match group instead of lobby group. in match /match and /group are connected, because server do not get any identifier which channel player using.

You as official client developer can take a look what you can do about that :P

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Looks like the player can use "Match" Chat instead of group. To be able to use Match Chat, the player needs to start a game with the group. The Match chat will shows as Match for the player but will show group for the other players.


I am still not clear on how to trigger it. 






One Difference I was able to account for is that I showed as "Teamed" for the party owner while he showed as "Teamed" for me. This may indicate why it's broken to begin with.







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More Context: 


  • This happens two times on first "login." This might be due to a server clock reset? I am not sure 
  • Once the player is broken and does not have group chat, the player remains broken for further lobbies the player joins.
  • If the player creates a lobby and another player joins, the player will have the "group" chat but no one receives the messages the player posts in "group chat"
  • If the player relogg, the issue is fixed. 

I don't think this is random at all. We are missing one step. Perhaps, one of the client devs can take a look at this in-real time if they are available and if I am able to reproduce? 

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