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Stratagies on the Feild

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What afre your most recomended stratagies on the feild ? 

- I like to start of with 1 orb medium sized monsters, they knock out small sised cards and can be usefull as they may have seige on them and give a good healthy start. since early game is important in RTS games i find it paramount to lead a good offence right from the beginning to break the opponent and make his upkeep hard from the start :D

-Mid game, i dont feel so confident, i feel like its a bit hard to balance between resources and card production. cards like Juice Tank help but against experienced opponents its hard to take the initiative. Some advide would be appreciated :P 

- Late game i generally use XL sised monsters. the favourite one is moloch . High damage output vs low health promotes a one shot agressive build with damaging spells.  Firedragon for arial support is invaluble as they are good late game scouts since they are fast moving and ignore terrain also providing further damage when things get heated up and the can be no good fire deck without a few thunder wagons to finish off the job 

- this however is extremly taxing on resources so a good defence is great so i use a LOT of fire towers everywhere since they are cheap and provide decent cover fire also a few arieal for the occational drake that flies by but gound units are more prominent in this game :) 

this means that a fire deck for me would be optimal 

Twighlight deck and bandit deck are also viable but a pure fire deck is prefered ;) 

What are your recomended stratagies for battleforge ? :D 



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