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  1. IzzyPoP

    further development Progress :D

    Umm i only wanted a consideration dude. I didnt say do it right now heloooo i said "consider" 😑 dont get your panties tied up in a bunch ok just relaxxxx. i just wanted to see if a discussion is goin on about it. Brainstorming. New ideas. Thats sort of thing and if so great 😁
  2. IzzyPoP

    further development Progress :D

    Dear Developers Now that BF is up and running and has a relatively good player-base and also a good way through beta testing, Is it too early to consider updating the game not just Full VGU but also mechanics (although do not change a lot of them because we don't want to loose the game as it is ) and MOST AWESOMELY IMPORTANT a new element OR the continuation of the Nature/Shadow or Amii as the theme is most commonly portrayed ? While the game was a pay to play type and that issue was the most one that deterred gamer's from the game, I personally think that the lack of focus on producing new expansions and constant patches was also a minor contributor to its eventual downfall. I for one would love to see the game improve both visually and mechanically, and as well as a community Dev's Please consider this message Sincerely, Izzy
  3. Yepp "account activation" bug is back guys just to let you know. Let me know if ur getting it to
  4. IzzyPoP

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Havent been able to play a game yet. But dont give up! keep up the good work. Problems with the forge are baisicly non existent now Verry well done for coming this far
  5. Yep title sais it all. I didnt play 1 game yet everytime i try i go into the loading screen and it dsconnects me automatically :/ pls fix
  6. IzzyPoP

    Cant play my own deck

    been having the same issue. It always goes back to tutorial deck once i try to start a game.
  7. IzzyPoP

    Umm Screen Size cant be changed ??

    Great !!! this site has been a great help keep up the good work and thankyou Nerevar
  8. So idk if this is a bug or im just dumb XD but im running this game on a laptop and the screen is not that large i cant access my deck because it is at the lowwer part of my screen and i cant find a way to decrease the size of the BF window. I even moved the taskbar to the side. Any advice on how to deal with this ? because its frustrating as hell lemmie tell you that its like i can play BF FINALLY but SIKE!! the screen to small boi u cant play it anyway. XD help is appreciated
  9. IzzyPoP

    My Graphic card should be Enough!!!

    Thankyou SOOOOOO much
  10. IzzyPoP

    My Graphic card should be Enough!!!

    Do you know where i should extract the files ?
  11. I followed Every step suggested in the troubleshooting topic. Yet when i start the updater and click "PLAY" the error TNF: ErrorInitialisingDirectXFallback comes up. My graphic card isnt the best yes ... but it should be able to run the BF game (Assuming that the graphics from the old EA version have not changed) yet this error persists idk what to do Help would be appreciated
  12. What afre your most recomended stratagies on the feild ? - I like to start of with 1 orb medium sized monsters, they knock out small sised cards and can be usefull as they may have seige on them and give a good healthy start. since early game is important in RTS games i find it paramount to lead a good offence right from the beginning to break the opponent and make his upkeep hard from the start -Mid game, i dont feel so confident, i feel like its a bit hard to balance between resources and card production. cards like Juice Tank help but against experienced opponents its hard to take the initiative. Some advide would be appreciated - Late game i generally use XL sised monsters. the favourite one is moloch . High damage output vs low health promotes a one shot agressive build with damaging spells. Firedragon for arial support is invaluble as they are good late game scouts since they are fast moving and ignore terrain also providing further damage when things get heated up and the can be no good fire deck without a few thunder wagons to finish off the job - this however is extremly taxing on resources so a good defence is great so i use a LOT of fire towers everywhere since they are cheap and provide decent cover fire also a few arieal for the occational drake that flies by but gound units are more prominent in this game this means that a fire deck for me would be optimal Twighlight deck and bandit deck are also viable but a pure fire deck is prefered What are your recomended stratagies for battleforge ?
  13. IzzyPoP

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    Fire : Moloch ( most favourite ) Nature : Spore launcher Frost : Battleship Shadow : Shadow worm
  14. IzzyPoP

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello my name is ismail but literally EVERYONE of my friends calls me izzy. Im 18 and ever since that dreaded month of october i have waited for battleforge to re surface. I have work but its summer time so i have a lot of free time on my hands too If you need a dedicated tester for beta im avalable i love battle forge with a passion, it has been my childhood. Pros that you may find usefull: Great teamwork. Cooperative and kind , Also, Some might say i have an uplifting personality that keeps everyone in a good mood in stressfull times but i dont want to blow my own trumpet here hahah also REALLY wants to play battleforge like, forever Am willing to give feedback on server issues if any more arise in beta testing Cons that might not be usefull: I do not know how to code and stuff like that. I take a mild interest in programming but i need help for any type of development issues. Thankyou for your consideration and keep up the great work people

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