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2 - AFK(?) people seem to cause some general issues


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NAME: [Kubik] - 2 - AFK(?) people seem to cause some general issues
DESCRIPTION: Whenever I try to whisper someone who has been AFK for a while (not sure how long exactly, 10-30 mins(?)), a world packet is forwarded but my whisper doesn't go through. Inviting that person to my group causes me to freeze and disconnect, requesting his deck gives me a "Request deck from X"  and no message afterwards (like he refused or ignored me) and it allows me to instantly request deck again (same applies for show deck). Whenever that AFK person is back and he whispers someone (I don't know if the act of doing something or if whispering specifically fixes it), I am able to whisper that person just fine. 

Reproducibility is 3/3 because 3 people were AFK and with all of the 3 people I experienced what I wrote above. This doesn't mean it's necessarily AFK related, but the chances are very high. EDIT: This seems to also happen to someone who has ONLY been upgrading cards for a while and not necessarily AFK.

Not sure if the  following is also caused by this, but what I also noticed was: I can't read any messages the person writes in global. The AFK person relogged and I still couldn't read it. I had to relog too before we could both read each other's global messages.

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Went Afk for one hour to shave and take a shower and told people to whisper and invite me in the meantime. I recieved just one whisper and nothing else; no invites, no whispers.

It already happened like five to ten minutes after i went afk to shave (came back to see if there was a server crash to restart the afk test).

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Having trouble to reproduce it now, too. It either occurs only by chance and I was lucky before or you fixed whatever caused it. The difference between Saturday and today are a few updates and a new launcher... So I want to conclude it's the second option?

We need more people to report it just in case it happens again.

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