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  1. Having trouble to reproduce it now, too. It either occurs only by chance and I was lucky before or you fixed whatever caused it. The difference between Saturday and today are a few updates and a new launcher... So I want to conclude it's the second option? We need more people to report it just in case it happens again.
  2. Went Afk for one hour to shave and take a shower and told people to whisper and invite me in the meantime. I recieved just one whisper and nothing else; no invites, no whispers. It already happened like five to ten minutes after i went afk to shave (came back to see if there was a server crash to restart the afk test).
  3. Seems to be fixed for everyone but the host. A host can only change his position, but never unselect his slot in PVP. Not even if the host is in Team 1. Is there a rule for this? Or a boolean that says "lock those things for the host" ?
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