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Soundtrack of your Life

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If there was a soundtrack to your life which band would play it? And which album of that band most accurately fits your life right now?


  • You are only allowed to name 1 band and 1 album
    • I know you want to name more but we don't want to make the thread into a TL;DR
  • Either the lyrics or the general feeling can fit you
  • Prioritize accurateness over personal preference when choosing between 2 bands
    • If you are happy and content with your current situation then Nirvana won't be very fitting
  • Just because it should fit you, you should still love that band



Let me start with "The White Stripes". Currently my life is somewhere on "Icky Thump" randomly switching tracks.

I love the soundtrack but some of the lyrics can be tough to experience in real life. -.- But even though some things are lacking overall I'm happy where my life is going right now though.

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