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3 - Deck picture changes once you relog

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DESCRIPTION: You change the card that shows up as your profile photo for your deck and every time you relog it changes to the photo to the card in the first slot of your deck.


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Noticed this as well a couple of days back, and getting the glitch every day since. I'm unable to pin it down why this keeps happening, but it's not down to reloging.


OK, finally sussed it. The reason is more simple than I thought...
Whenever you change your deck (whether you replace a card, or move exisiting cards around), the picture representing your deck is replaced by the first card. Probably has something to do with the padlock reseting the picture when closing. However it's not visible to the player until he/she relogs.

Try this:
1) unlock your deck with the padlock
2) move some cards around or replace one or more
3) close padlock
4) relog
Now the picture is reset to the first card in your deck.

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  • NAME: Deck Picture changes after random number of switching cards around
  • LOCATION: Forge, Edit Deck 
  • DESCRIPTION: After setting a card as the Deck picture, and removing said card, the deck picture "resets" to the first card in the deck, which works as intended. However, switching the cards around afterwards, after a random number of switches, the Deck picture changes
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