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Found 19 results

  1. The below card creator was made by Arkadij Liebau. The idea is that you can create any BattleForge card by embedding an image as the portrait, then changing and adding further characteristics like colour (orbs), abilities, card name, damage, life points and rarity etc. Read below for my short user guide, and/or feel free to tinker with the tool itself. Click here, or on the above image to go to the card creator. 1) first, select from a building, unit or spell card template. this then changes the below options to match your choice 2) type in the card's name 3) enter power cost (or any text) 4) add up to four orbs. once you click this area, a small pop-up window will allow you to select Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow or colourless orbs. click on an existing orb to delete it this step determines the card's main colour which can't be changed otherwise 5) click where the card illustration should be, in order to embed any portrait you'd like 6) this is where you add the number of charges, card types and classes depend on what you chose in step 1) 7) enter abilities and descriptins for them. you can choose between activated, passive, toggle etc, including their icons 8) & 9) these two fields are for attack type, damage, unit size and health. again, options depend on card type you selected in step 1) 10) choose the cards' rarity. only base symbols are included Here is an example card I made
  2. PuzzleKnight


    So ive encountered several players with santa today, i wasnt even aware he was released in the reborn BF version. i asked them how they got him and none of them knew, they just got him in the mail. can someone explain to me how you get him because i gotta xD
  3. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    Hello there fellow Skylords! I'd like to suggest a new card, the balancing of it might not be intirely on point yet but I do like the Idea. Opinions?
  4. Hello fellow Skylords, this game mostly revolves around PvP matches, so it is sad that many cards with cool effects can not be used in PvP, because of their number of required orbs. It is rare that tier 3 is reached in PvP battles, not to mention tier 4. I have never seen someone having tier 4 cards in their PvP deck. So my suggestion is that many high tier cards change when they are used in PvP. By changed i mean that their effects stay the same (with nerfed values) but their tier goes down by 1 for tier 4 cards and maybe for some tier 3 cards as well (just if the the tier 3 cards would not be too OP in tier 2). Of course this comes with a nerf of the base stats and dmg of their effects. If the Devs do not want to make it too complicated i would set a percentage, which the cards lose of dmg, stats and effective time (for something like cc or buffs). I know it is much work but this would allow the players to find new cool combos and tactics. Maybe then there would be more people whom play pure element decks. Your Battleforge veteran, Yima Ymir
  5. Shadows Over Lyr (SOL) is a pet project of mine, spanning over 30 hours to create and finalise. The intention was to retain the art of Battleforge and turn it into a thematic, printable (i.e. physical) card game that’s perfectly balanced and playable. Skip the dark grey text and jump to the Story and gameplay paragraph half-way below if you don't want to read about the history of how this project came to fruition. Behind the scenes My first choice was to create duel decks by copying Magic the Gathering cards, which I had to relinquish mainly because Wizards of the Coast don’t take kindly to copies of their card game. Creating mechanics mimicking MtG would’ve been fine, but not balanced enough to truly enjoy as an end product. After going through iterations of some of my beloved card games, I’ve finally decided to base SOL on the highly acclaimed Lost Cities. Which – due to its abstract nature – can be played using an expanded standard deck of cards, lending itself beautifully to iterations. The rules of SOL are easy to learn but the gameplay is ripe with tension and tough decisions, which has made Lost Cities so well received and sought after by gamers and non-gamers alike. I used card frames without the artwork, and stripped these of their power and orb counters, the rarity indicator then rebuilt missing parts to create a clean template for each card. Card artwork was used from the original Battleforge files (thanks to @bobfrog for collating these, and to @MrXLink for offering his help in locating a missing one), then flavour text was added at the bottom of each. The developers of Battleforge have come up with lore for 19 creatures per faction. I’ve read each of these, and based on the creature and how interesting the lore was decided to pick 12 per faction. The other reason why the cards were stripped clean is to replace the original barebones font with a display font that’s – in my opinion – gives cards more personality. The black bleed area around each card has been doubled, then replaced with a white trim to protect the edges of physical cards from damage caused by wear and tear. For the fifth faction/colour, I’ve combined a gold frame with the textures of the original black frame and used mostly legendary creatures to create another 12 cards. All card values were allocated based on the original power cost. Card backs were created from the map of Lyr, a flourish design used in the Battleforge lore book and layer styles. There were also five ‘location’ cards made without text and two rule cards included on a black solid card template to re-iterate each game phase and scoring to both players. Story and gameplay (thematic flavour text in italic) Like a dark, ominous storm cloud creeping through the darkest crevices and gleaming mountain tops, an unknown force is gathering over the land of Lyr. You and another Skylord have been alerted to this presence and decided to deal with the incursion. After several key locations have been identified as the main target of this mysterious enemy, negotiations between you and the other Skylord have ceased. Now it’s a frantic race between the two armies, seeing who will be able to repel the impending shadow and secure the knowledge held within these sites of power. Shadows of Lyr is a two-player hand management and set collection game. The objective is to achieve the highest overall score after three rounds by sending out the largest army possible for each faction, while hindering your opponent who’s trying to do the same. Game components: 2 identical game rule cards 5 location cards with horizontal layout 45 creature cards (9 for each faction) ranging from numbers 2 to 10 15 scout cards (3 for each faction) with no numerical value Give each player a game rule card to provide them with a quick reminder of game rules and scoring system. Place the 5 location cards – also known as ‘sites of power’ – face up between the two players, in any order you’d like. These will act as dividers between the two Skylords’ armies, and as discard piles for roaming creatures of corresponding colours. Shuffle the remaining creature and scout cards into a single deck of 60 cards, then deal 8 cards face down to each player. Place the remaining pile of cards face down within both players’ reach. Then the game begins. Players alternate turns and must take two actions each before ending their turn. Play a card from your hand. You have three options here: 1. Start a new column of cards. Place a card below one of the sites of power of matching colour on your side of the play area. As an example, units of the Nature faction may only be sent to reinforce and protect the green site of power. You’ve now committed to that location and have to do your utmost best to send enough forces to repel the enemy when it strikes against your army. 2. Place a card at the end of a column you already started. If you already have a card played below one of the sites of power, you may choose another unit from your hand to strengthen the defense. This unit must be of corresponding colour to the previous card played, and to the site of power it will be guarding from the enemy. This card must also have a higher value than the previous number in that column. Be careful, as scouts must be sent to a site of power before your main army arrives. This will give them enough time to entrench themselves, gather information and explore the area to give tactical advantages to your main forces. As an example, you may play up to three scouts per site of power of a colour – however once you place a unit that has a power value, you can no longer send scouts to that location. 3. Discard a card. When discarding from your hand, you must place that card face up on the matching colour of a site of power. Units discarded this way become roaming creatures, not part of either Skylords’ forces until enrolled in an army. Draw a card into your hand. You have two options here: 1. Choose one of the top cards from the five discard stacks (if any). You may take any face up card irrespective of their colour, as long as it’s not the same card you’ve just discarded. Units you take control of this way become part of your roster to reinforce your armies on the field when necessary. 2. Take the top card of the draw pile. The unit you’ve summoned this way becomes part of your roster to reinforce your armies on the field when necessary. Now it’s your opponent’s turn. Once a player draws the last card from the draw pile, the round ends immediately (the last card from the draw pile can't be played). The above indicates that both Skylords have ran out of time and are unable to summon any more creatures. The mysterious shadow descends upon the land of Lyr and its forces lay siege to each of the five sites of power. Scoring: Cards in your hand, and scouts placed on the battlefield are worth zero points. 1. For each faction (colour), add the card values together for each column on your side of the playing field. This is the sheer strength of your army. If you haven’t placed any cards below a site of power, skip that location. As a Skylord, you’ve decided not to commit any of your units to come to the aid of that site of power, endured neither losses nor victories, and have no knowledge of enemy activity in that area. 2. Subtract 20 points from each column where you’ve placed cards. This is the power of the enemy forces at that location, determining whether the Skylord was able to repel the enemy force, seizing the site of power to themselves. 3. Multiply subtotals by the number of scouts +1. Your scouts give your main armies tactical advice and strategic knowledge about the battlefield: In case you failed to dispatch enough forces and the enemy prevailed, your forces have perished and your scouts scattered. Not only have your lost your creatures, your scouts have been taken hostage, exposing your weaknesses causing a major blow to your overall strategy. In case your army has prevailed and destroyed the forces of shadow, your scouts have exploited the enemy’s tactics allowing you to turn their weakness against them. You’ve achieved a glorious victory. 4. Add 20 points for each column with at least 8 cards. Your superior army has ruthlessly decimated the enemy forces and eradicated the surviving stragglers, wavering the morale of your foe. Finally, add each column’s points together to form your victory points. The Skylord with the highest score begins the next round, preparing for another impeding attack. Whoever has the most victory points after three rounds is the winner of SOL. 3-player game variant: Plays exactly the same as the original base game of SOL for two players, but with the following differences: - location cards are only used as scrap piles, as everyone will play cards (i.e. start columns) in front of them - only 7 cards are given to each player at the beginning of the game, as opposed to the standard 8 (unless you're playing with 72 cards) - enemy forces have 15 power per location, as opposed to the standard 20 - you receive 15 bonus points for each column with at least 7 cards, as opposed to the standard 20 & 8 split Basically, 8 becomes 7 and 20 becomes 15 Please note this game mode has not been tested with 72 cards (6 factions) therefore slight tweaking may be required if you're adding the Forgotten to the mix. This is what a typical game of SOL would look like from one of the Skylords’ point of view. The other player would be placing cards on the opposite side of the discard piles, where the explanation texts are: And finally, here are some interesting tips and strategies to take into consideration: - be careful what you discard, as your opponent may want to use that card - you could discard cards with the intent of picking them up later, but in doing so you’re also giving your opponent the same option - cards you keep waiting for could be at the bottom of the draw pile or in your opponents hand - would you risk playing high value cards with the intention of denying them from your opponent, even if that means losing points for that colour? - make sure valuable cards in your hand get played, as once the last card from the draw pile is gone the round is over - be cautious about starting a new column, as once you place the first card in any given colour your opponent will try and deny those faction cards from you - you can keep discarding cards at the beginning of the game to guess what your opponent is after, but this might set you behind - if your opponent discards a card you want, do you take it right away and alert them to the fact that you want that colour? DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2v2lkal7pliop/Shadows_Over_Lyr There are now three files in this folder: BF_SOL.zip - first edition of SOL (standalone, not compatible with any of the below) This is the deck of cards you need to print to play the game. All of the above videos, photos and pictures were made with these images and cards. BF_SOL_revised.zip - revised edition of SOL with small cosmetic tweaks Font size for card values increased by 25% ; gave more emphasis to Shadows Over Lyr text on cardbacks ; canvas proportions constrained to 63:88 ; white bleed extended by 2mm per edge Please note that there is no difference in image quality or gameplay between the first and revised editions. BF_SOL_expansion.zip - expansion set containing 12 new cards as a new colour (the Forgotten faction) ; requires revised edition This is an expansion to boost the number of cards to Printerstudio's standard of 72 (6 factions x 12 cards each) i.e. as long as you don't use/print location and reference cards from the base game. The expansion is only compatible with the revised edition due to cosmetic tweaks, and is not required to play the base game of SOL. Two main reasons why this was created: 1) Lost Cities has just received an expansion adding a sixth colour 2) to provide meaningful choice to people who want to use up their 72-card slot at Printerstudio and don't care about rule reference or location cards Click here to look at a comparison photo between the two editions. Many thanks to @Avire for pointing us to http://www.printerstudio.de/machen/blanko-spielkarten-63x88mm-personalisieren.html in his thread. Printerstudio also has an American website at http://www.printerstudio.com/personalized/custom_playing_cards_blank_cards.html which is a tad more expensive unless you actually live in the States. The UK website is defunct according to their customer services, so please use the German site if you live in Europe (i.e. the first link). Have fun playing SOL with your partner, friends or gaming group!
  6. I had an interesting idea. What if we had units that interacted with power after spawning? Obviously, the mechanic of generating power is overpowered already so the units must come with a downside. That downside being bad stats and a high cost. Imagine a PVP game. One player plays a 300 cost (random costs) power interacting unit that will generate 50 power after one minute. The other knows that it cant live anymore so he sends a 100 cost unit to kill it. Because of its bad stats, the 300 cost dies and the first player now has a huge disadvantage. 200 power difference and the enemy still has that 100 cost unit. There are four categories. -Generators -Boosters -Replenishers -Others --- Lets talk about generators first... They generate power... That's it. They have the worst stats but that's really it. They're just wells without a limit and easily killed. --- Secondly are boosters. This one is probably the simplest because there is a card I can compare it to. Juice tank. Really, its just a unit that sits beside your wells and increases power gain. It's stats shouldn't need to be that bad because of the restriction it has on it. The restriction being it can't leave a well's radius or its effect is useless. Also you don't really want to attack with it because the stats are bad compared to other cards of the same cost. You think there isn't a difference between these units and the juice booster but there is. They can move to different wells, they can also defend. The big thing is that they can move without a power cost, which makes them a unit. They also should cost more since juice tank can't. --- The third category is a strange one. Replenishers. They're generators but very specific. Replenishers replenish the power in a well. They have worse stats than the second category but the stats are better than those in the first. In my head, I'm imagining a shaman healing a well's power. --- Lastly, the others category. These are for the cards that are random. Like a 300 cost card that replenishes 150 cost on spawn but has the stats of a 200 cost. If you look at it simply, it looks like a 150 cost card with the stats of a 200 stat card. It looks pretty good. But when you look at it more deeply you see that it costs 300 power and the 150 only comes back during its spawn. If you played that card in a PVP game, your first orb would have already been taken. This card is very similar to breeding grounds. --- Anyway, that's it. There's definitely some problems with this but community suggestions can fix that. (If I took your idea, sorry.)
  7. Tobbezeichnet

    can be deleted

    Hey Guys, today I'm here do present my idea of a new card layout... I wasn't happy with the old look of the cards. I know I'm used to it as the most of us are but its way to oldschool. I mean think about it, it's like 10 years old So I did a more new fession kinda look/design...mostly based on my own logo creation, the creation of the winner and the current logo. So what I did was a whole card overhauling. Basically from scratch. The only things I kept are pretty much the little icon for the abilities...since I kinda still like them...no matter that I NEVER EVER looked at them specifically since this task Already thinking about something that either gives more information about the ability or leave them out completely. All opinions are welcome...as well as suggestions. So hope you guys like it. 1st (old one) 2nd (new one) 3rd (with improvements and suggestions) 4th (3rd orb visible neutral and border rarety turquoise) Ah btw for now I used the old design of the Enforcer, but I will do a rework of his artwork too the next days
  8. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings! I have been working a long time on making a new unofficial Faction for BattleForge called Shape Shifters. Shapeshifter History The Shape Shifters where created by ancient dwarves to help them defeat the elves and humans many years ago. Sadly it all back fired and the Shape Shifters killed all the elves, humans and dwarves. They named the Amii faction as their protectors and went into slumber for thousands of years. When the timing was right the Amii where informed to awaken them. Elements Frost and fire. Combining the attack power of Fire with the defensive skills of Frost. Story (WIP) I am currently working on a story-line for this faction. Card Designs All the card ideas, perks and abilities where thought of by myself. Cards where created by @MrXLink (thanks a lot!) Note: All cards are shown as fully upgraded and the images are from google and not owned or created by us. Units Tier/Orb Two Berserker Bear: Perk/Perks: Good against buildings. Special damage: Siege. Passive abilities: Charge. (Faster movement, knocks back small units and deals damage upon impact) Siege. (50% more damage against buildings). Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +50 U2: Lifepoints +70 U3: Lifepoints +75. Wolf Shifters: Perk/Perks: Swift and agile. Bonus damage: More damage to small units. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Stomp. (Tramples small units). Upgrades: U1: Damage +20 U2: Damage +30 U3: Damage +40. Nagual: Perk/Perks: Swift and can transform into a jaguar to do more damage. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Small chance (20%) of stunning medium units. Active abilities: Jaguar form lasts for 20 seconds and enables Swift. (Lasts longer as upgraded max is 30 seconds the Nagual does 15% more damage during this ability, when fully upgraded). Upgrades: U1: Jaguar form lasts for 25s U2: Jaguar form lasts for 30s U3: +5% More damage in Jaguar form against enemies. Tier/Orb Three Dragon Knight & Dragon Knight Promo: Perk/Perks: Can fly, agile and rage mode (does more damage over time). Bonus damage: Rage. Passive abilities: Rage. (Lasts 10 seconds see description of Fire Dragon for full details). Autocast: Frostfire Breath (Every 3 seconds, the unit exhales a frost, yet fiery breath that deals 158 damage to units around its target in a 5m cone-shaped area, up to 630 in total). Upgrades: U1: Rage lasts for 12s U2: Rage lasts for 15s U3 Rage lasts for 20s. Tier/Orb Four Wendigo: Perks/Perks: Strong and swift. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Knockback on S and M units. Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +100 U2: Lifepoints +150 U3: Lifepoints +200 Spells Tier/Orb Two Cold Explosion: Releases a powerful explosion infused with shards of ice. Deals 250 damage to each entity within a 15m radius, knocking back small and medium units and freezing up to 5 units (7 when fully upgraded) for 10 seconds. Reusable every 20 seconds. Upgrades: U1: +1 Frozen target U2: +1 Frozen target U3: -10 Power cost. Swiftness: Bestows up to 5 units (6 when fully upgraded) within the target 25m radius with the gift of swiftness: Affected units will move 10% (20% when fully upgraded) faster than usual. Additionally, the construction of buildings within the area is sped up by 10% (20% when fully upgraded) as well. Lasts for 10 seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds. Upgrades: U1: +5% speed boost U2: +1 Target U3: +5% speed boost. Tier/Orb Three Card Shift: Allows you use a random usable card (T3 Max) from your enemies deck. Reusable every 50 seconds. Upgrades: U1: -10 Power cost U2: -10 Power cost U3: -10 Power cost. Reconstruct Building: Allows you to move any building to any location with ground presence. Takes 20 seconds to transport the building. Both new and old sites can still be attacked while moving. Reusable every 40 seconds. Upgrades: U1: -10 Power cost U2: -10 Power cost U3: Building Duration -5s. Tier/Orb Four Vanishing Act: Cloaks every building in a 25m radius, with the exception of monuments and wells, in a mystic fog. These structures cannot be seen or attacked by enemies, and can still attack or use their abilities. Lasts for 10s (20s when fully upgraded). Reusable every 30 seconds. Upgrades: U1: Invisible for 15s U2: Invisible for 20s U3: -10 Power cost. Buildings Tier/Orb Two Shard Tower: Once every 3 seconds, a small geyser spits out shards of frozen magma, dealing 165 damage to enemies around its target, up to 600 in total. Knocks back Small units. Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +50 U2: Lifepoints +70 U3: Lifepoints +100. Hivemind: Allows player to spawn cards within a 25m radius, at a 20% higher power cost but doesn't consume charges. If used with breeding grounds it takes a charge and costs a higher price. Upgrades: U1: Spawning units penalty -5% U2: Lifepoints +50 U3: Spawning units penalty -5%. Tier/Orb Three Taunting Trap: Taunts enemies in a 10m radius, when the mine reaches half health it can be manually detonated by the player and deals 200% (300% when fully upgraded) of the remaining life as damage in a radius of 10m however, if it is not detonated in time the mine will just blow up dealing no damage. Taunt lasts for 2s. (3s if fully upgraded) Upgrades: U1: +0.5s Taunt duration U2: +0.5s Taunt duration U3: +100% of remaining lifepoints dealt as damage. Tier/Orb Four Starfire Launcher: Meteoric strike launches a frozen ball of fire at enemies within a radius of 25m, knocking back all unit types and at the same time shielding 4 nearby allies (6 allies when fully upgraded) has an exceptionally long range of 200m. Passive ability: Blizzard Aura slows enemies within a 20m radius. Upgrades: U1: +1 Shielded unit U2: +200 attack U3: +1 shielded unit and +300 attack. Hope you like the work both me and @MrXLink have put into these cards, feel free to leave your suggestions below. If you can think of any other cards that may go with this theme feel free to post them below as well. Many thanks, Kiwi & @MrXLink NOTE: Please do not claim to have created these cards or state that these are official cards in the game doing so may lead to you being reprimanded.
  9. For example, what card did you enjoy using in PvE/PvP simply because of what it could do in-game? Although I never played that much Shadow, I really enjoyed using Knight of Chaos with the "Tainted Chaos" ability. If you ever had to deal with large, clumped up armies, you could just summon this nonsense, waltz him right into the center of said army (carefully avoiding a quick death), and cause everyone around him to get into a mad fist-fight and come out with some free damage dealt.
  10. Aegis1020

    Which card makes you laugh ?

    Welcome fellow skylords, skyladies and others, Which card of the game made (or makes) you laugh the most ? which card mechanic, appearance, voice or anything made you lost your serious every time? For me it was the Virtuoso's voice, especially when you summon it (VIIIIIIRTUOOOOSOOO !!!!) I have to say that this thread wouldn't probably exist without @mrtamtamia's thread "which card gives you the most nostalgia?". Thanks for the idea man
  11. Which card do you think represented each element the most? Or to put it in a different way which card could be a leader figure for each element? I'm interested in seeing your responses Mine would be: Fire: Juggernaut Frost: Skyelf Commander Shadow: Overlord Nature: Shaman
  12. Just like the title says, which pve monster would you like to have as a card? There are some monster you see in pve but there are no actual cards, just like the Bandit Overlord, Lost souls "Necrofury?"(dont know the actual name) or Twilight Horror. So which one of them deserves a card? I'd like to see the twilight horror as a T4 twilight card which needs some nice stats and 1fire, 1nature and 2 neutral orbs...
  13. SwiftCore

    Buying Cards?

    So, ive got an idea. What about you being able to buy cards with BF Points? I think its a good idea, so you can get better cards sort of faster, but at the same time, your giving them money to help them out with the game. Im not sure if anyone has posted something like this already, but i think its a good idea. So lets say, "The Overlord" was how ever BF it will be, so you buy/earn BF and get the Points and buy separate cards, not ones that are in a pack. I think it would be good if you can buy separate cards. Thanks.

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    My favorite Two-Orb Card is Harvester because its the only XL sized Two-Orb creature in the game. Also its ability to summon up to 4 Skeleton Warriors (once fully upgraded) with there Unholy Armor enabled makes Harvester almost completely independent. Harvester also has Siege witch makes him deal 50% more damage to buildings.
  15. Cards and Castles is yet another title that's a combination of a card game and basic strategy i.e. there is a battlefield where the player created units can move around and fight each other. There are similar titles of course e.g. Duelyst, Scrolls (which is now more or less dead) or the infamous Kings and Legends but this is the latest, noteworthy addition to the 'genre'. The game is free to play, and well worth checking out until BFR becomes available/playable. You can download it off Steam, or to your mobile - both Android and iOS version are available. Graphics remind me of Swords and Soldiers (another great game, but different genre) which can fool you into thinking that the game is simple and was made for kiddies. In truth, a great deal of depth has been implemented into the game mechanics, with a lot more going on than in other casual card games. Because units are able to move on the playing field, a major emphasis is on positioning, deciding when to attack, when to advance or retreat. Some units have either active or passive abilities, but there are also spells and buildings. I haven't come across instants yet (where a card can be played during the opponent's turn) but the game has just come out of early access and is still being updated. Micro-transactions are unavoidable when it comes to f2p, however Cards and Castles functions quite well as a competitive game even if the player hasn't spent a dime. Soft currency is awarded for completing daily quests, achievements and winning matches. Having the right cards at the right time does make a difference, however a lot of matches are won or lost due to good or bad strategies and positioning of units. You can choose between friendly or ranked multiplayer matches, battle against specific opponents (e.g. friends) or play the single player campaign. The five factions have different playstyles, which makes mixed decks more viable. All in all it's a fun timewaster if you prefer something that requires working brain cells to be successful at. It's also cross-platform between PC, Android and iOS. (my advice is to create a new account within the game with a username and password - this will allow you to carry over your progress from Steam to Android/iOS and vice versa)
  16. thifofdeath

    Wondering how promo will work?

    Greetings skylords, I'm pretty curious to see how the promo cards will be redistributed amongst skylords or will they just be excluded from BF. Since you could only get most of them in special occassions or events (excluding Promo Grinder and such but Promo Harvester and Fire Dancer, all them cards) I was quite a collector back in BF and had a thirst for promo cards so i'm just wondering how they will work in this version. Serve my thirst.
  17. Since the first day of battleforge, I have been looking out for Forest Elder, The giant nature beast. The first time I saw forest elder I was so amazed by it, Since that day I have been trying to get that "OMG I MUST HAVE IT". I was more of a trader/pve person than a pvper. You know, There were 2 kinds of people in battleforge, I started so little and grew to a succesfull trader, Having all cards, A Deck with only level 4 cards, It was just a wonderfull feeling. After a busy day of school, I just came online on battleforge and play for 5 hours minimal, Trying to be a succesfull trader and getting forest elder and I succeeded! So, What was your story?
  18. Tell us how you purchased most of your cards by spending BF Points. Have you focused on using the marketplace, buying boosters (or tomes) for the most part?Did you go after specific cards predominantly by utilising the auction house?Or were you monitoring the chat to barter with players willing to part with their cards?
  19. Below is the recreation of my old guide on cards, drafted and finalised during the official beta phase. I filled in the blanks, rephrased and extended each paragraph. It contains plenty of basic, useful and important information for both beginners and more experiences players. factionsThe four main factions belong to the following elements:FIRE is all about offense, with its aggressive and damaging spells. Their units tend to have more damage and less health in general. FROST is the direct opposite to Fire with its defensive structures and high health, relatively low damage units. Their spells slow down or freeze groups of units. NATURE focuses on crowd control to dominate the battlefield. Their units excel at laying siege to enemy ranks and bases, supported by healing and neutralising spells. SHADOW favours corruption and sacrificing their own to gain the upper hand. Their units boast a wide range of powerful but counter-intuitive abilities that swiftly lay waste to enemies in skilled hands. card attributesMain attributes shown on each card: Cost: this is the number at the top right corner. Power Wells built on designated spots on the map provide power, which is then used to pay for the card’s cost. Furthermore, destroyed units and buildings – as well as spells cast – return 90% of their mana cost to the Void which acts a secondary income by essentially recycling power. Orbs: found at the top right corner and depicted by either filled-in or empty circles. Monuments built on designated spots on the map provide elemental orbs, which are then used to fulfil the orb requirement for each card. Filled-in orbs always refer to the element of their colour, while empty circles (neutral orbs) don’t require a specific element. Tier: is calculated by counting the number of orbs required for a particular card. Higher tiers become available as more Monuments are built and are generally more powerful. Charges: the first number below the card’s illustration. You may cast a card this many times, before it becomes dormant and enters a cooldown period. This recharge time is half the power cost of each creature, but otherwise may vary. Rarity: these are the various shapes at the bottom right corner, representing the likelihood of acquiring a card from booster packs, and their general in-game and trade value. Common cards have dark brown symbols, uncommons are grey, rares are orange and ultra-rares are turquoise. Edition: the shape of the rarity icon refers to the expansion corresponding cards have first appeared in. card typesThe three main types (or classes) of cards are units, buildings and spells. Each of these are then broken down into subclasses to further help in identifying a card’s role and purpose. This is a Tier 1 Sunstriders common UNIT Fire card that costs 50 power, requiring 1 fire orb to cast and has 5 charges before entering cooldown. The creature itself spawns in groups of 6, is considered small and has 360 health. It deals 450 ranged damage but receives a 50% bonus if attacking medium units. Attack type: melee units have a sword icon, ranged units a bow and creatures using special attacks have a star. Damage: done over 20 seconds. Units that are summoned away from a Power Well or Monument are dazed for 15 seconds and deal 50% less damage. Bonus damage: depicted by letters corresponding to seizes S, M, L, and XL. Units deal 50% additional damage to other creatures that match the attacking unit’s preference. However, units using special attacks don’t deal bonus damage. Creature size: small and medium units are sometimes summoned in groups of 4 to 6, shown by the second number below the portrait. If a member of the group dies, he or she can be revived but the squad’s total health and damage is temporarily reduced until then. Small and medium units are affected by knockback effects from large and extra-large units. Health: damaged units may be healed by some other creatures or spells. Alternatively, injured units can be returned to friendly buildings for healing. Units that are summoned away from a Power Well or Monument are dazed for 15 seconds and have 50% less health. Abilities: either active (must be triggered manually) or passive. Some cards have two versions (affinities) which manifests in different abilities but have otherwise the exact same attributes. Dazed units can’t use their special abilities for 15 seconds. This is a Tier 3 Armored Tower uncommon BUILDING Frost card that costs 80 power, requiring 1 frost orb in addition to two of any other colour to cast and has 3 charges before entering cooldown. Once built, it’ll have 2590 health and deal 1420 damage to enemies. Damage: while under construction, buildings take double damage from all sources, are unable to attack or use abilities. Constructing a building takes twice as long when not in the vicinity of a Power Well or Monument. Health: damaged buildings can be repaired using the hammer tool (found on the main interface to the right and above selected buildings) when out of combat or with spells. Buildings are also capable of healing nearby injured units. This is a Tier 3 Revenge rare SPELL Nature card that costs 100 power, 1 nature orb in addition to two of any other colour to cast and has 3 charges before entering cooldown. This is a Tier 4 Shadow Worm ultra-rare unit card that costs 250 power, requiring 4 shadow orbs to cast and only has 1 charge before entering cooldown. The creature is considered extra-large, has 3000 health and deals 4000 ranged damage but recieves a 50% bonus if attacking large units.

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