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  1. Construct be like, I can't attack air, but then it would be pretty op if it could.
  2. We have experts who judge on what changes cards need, and what cards are added, the whole Skylords Reborn team is a team of volunteers that gives valuable hours to make this game as good as it can be, thank you for your input though.
  3. If you haven’t logged in for a long time, your account was most likely reset when the beta ended. With the full release of Skylords Reborn in December 2020, there was a last and forever final reset.
  4. I changed my mind and with the https://smj.cards/creator this is quite fun, but I have no serious ideas and my idea doesn't even deserve silver lol, but when it is "completed" I'll send it to you Kapo
  5. Cool, something I can't do but I look forward to the results 😀
  6. The league already scarred me enough
  7. Salutations everyone, I am the WaterMelonLord and this is how I play the game. This is not a smart way of playing the game and limits you so much, obviously this is really only for the crazy people out there and new players (do not make another account you will get banned) but you can really try ironman mode whenever you like. The name is stolen from Runescape and they probably stole the name from something else idk. So how I play the game is no trading anyone, no buying cards off of the marketplace, I do receive mails from other players for example Mr Titan gave me 3 mines and some band
  8. Yeah but buying promos is boring, getting a promo out of a booster, now that's living, imagine the dopamine.
  9. Can't wait to play this, but will have to, hopefully tomorrow evening 😃
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