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  1. This is my goodbye post to the community, I may play the game if I'm not banned, I'm done with the community though, might play the game once a month, I look forward to new updates though and wish everyone a pleasant life, do not try and message me on discord or the DMS in the forum, put any messages if you want if they obey the rules below. Thanks for everything, I might see you in the game one day. WaterMelonLord
  2. I see we are going through all the important people, that's good, that means I'm not on the list
  3. It is every 20 boosters and 50 is not divisible by 20
  4. As someone who has played a lot of rpve 1, this could be alright
  5. If only watermelons could speak, we can type by precise rolling on the keyboard
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