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  1. oehoi

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    So if I understand it correctly this change is to "remove" the exp level restriction for the higher rarity upgrades. I'm not an expert about the best ways gathering gold or experience, but in my experience normal pve maps (on expert) are good to get experience and the easiest way to get gold in a short time is by playing rpve. Maybe it's faster to get gold by playing certain normal pve maps on expert as well if you speedrun them, but for me removing the higher experience restriction feels like removing the main purpose to play normal pve maps (other than quests). As I said I'm not an expert on the best ways to gain gold/experience, but as a casual player I thought this was the main strategy.
  2. oehoi

    No cards in deck/collection

    NAME: No cards in deck/collection SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: The forge/collection (and after that if you start a game, no cards are shown to play) REPRODUCIBILITY: Sometimes upon ending a game (i only play multiplayer, not sure if it happens in single player maps as well.) DESCRIPTION: When finishing a game, the next you get in the forge is this: https://gyazo.com/21cc6db349ddae93c983e9b4000e59fa As you can see there are no cards in collection, no cards in deck where there should be (-> deck level is still shown as 114). If you go in-game with these conditions the cards also don't show up ingame: https://gyazo.com/32d553992dd082a0bcb050841291cd98 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I saved the log after the bug before starting the game again, not sure how much of this post is shown publicly and how much personal information is in the log, so ask me if you need it (I am also on the discord: oehoi#9562)
  3. oehoi

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    Just want to respond to the general comments from people that it has been so long (too long) and blablabla... Let's imagine you are the ones developing in your free time. Then you face setbacks you don't want/expect which means you have to dedicate even more of your free time. If you would still be like "This takes too long, **** it", the project would've been abandoned a long time ago. Fortunately for us the developers are not like that and keep dedicating and spending their free time even after all the setbacks and extra time they had/still have to put in. Tldr: Huge shoutout for the team's perseverance and dedication that the ones complaining obviously wouldn't have had the patience for.

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