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  1. Ah I was mistaken then about how it was earned. The 20 BFP I got was a general number I found reoccurring from spamming PvE maps well after the daily boost was gone. Can I ask why the idea of slowing progression to one pack a day was decided? It sounds counter-intuitive to encouraging play in a multiplayer game. Not that I want to criticize but I would like to understand more of the logic so I can formulate better responses in the future.
  2. I understand. I can only speak for myself naturally. I think there is a difference and fine line between slowing down the game and forcibly stalling progression. In a game like this whereby new asset development is limited I would argue that the way to increase longevity isn't necessarily to make the game a crawl early on but rather put high tier rewards for people to achieve such as the use of promo cards being used as a BFP sink later in the game. I can only speak from my own logical hypotheticals, however, I think that reducing playtime would inadvertently hurt the game in a few ways:
  3. The static card shop is probably one of the best ideas I have read thus far. The static card shop could not only allow one to purchase specific cards to finish a deck and control the level of inflation on the AH but one could take it a step further and allow you to sell to the shop and get a BFP refund based on rarity. Not a high amount but it would allow you to properly dump the 3 BFP AH cards that few buy and clog the AH sorting tables. Some cards like Nox Carrier would simply be better off sold to the merchant rather than trying to increase it's effectiveness in game or put it on the A
  4. I would think that a simple daily play X could incorporate everyone. I know once everything resets we will all be back at square one, however, longevity of a game depends on bringing in new blood and specific missions would reduce incentive for a new player to get started as it's currently difficult enough to get a steady flow of BFP whereby you actually feel like you are "growing" in a positive way. It's also why I think not only expert but advanced missions should reward more BFP than standard missions to compensate for the time necessary to complete the maps. I would say the largest dr
  5. Finish ALL maps? Does this include multi-player maps? If it does then no. I can't find anyone in the game lobby and while discord is a possibility I don't think it wise to force people into it or have people beg for assistance in completing maps. If it is just single player maps then I wouldn't be too adverse from it, but all that does is make people who already have it or who have beaten all the missions enrich their ego while doing little to effect actual gameplay or contribute to a healthy growth in the community. As a newer player myself I am already finding it mind-numbing due to the
  6. DESCRIPTION: Three times so far when I step away from the game (not in a match) the computer screen goes black and enters power save mode. However when I come back and try to access the game it is either flickering and/or stuck. All three times I have been unable to access my other screen (monitor 2) using alt tab or ctrl+alt+delete. And one of the three times I was unable to even use ctrl+alt+delete and had to manually restart my computer from my desktop itself. REPRODUCIBILITY: Again it has happened three times and doesn't seem to be an issue outside of power save mode. SCREENSHOT/
  7. I managed to fix it. Apparently WinRar was putting everything into the directory where I downloaded the rar file. Thank you for your responses.
  8. Does this game not allow you to pick where you want to unpack to? I tried to do it and it says no space because it's defaulting to my C Drive which is simply a small SSD for my startup not my larger SSD for games. Is there no way to simply install the game to a specific drive or am I unable to play because it force copies to the C directory?
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