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  1. Ah new people coming to the lore discord already. Excellent! 🙂
  2. Weird to see so much shift on frost units from health to damage, but seems like fun changes over all. Since I was currently thinking if I'd use voidmaw, grim bahir or giant wyrm in my rPvE deck as general damage the buffs to void maw are especially intersting and I think convinced me to use them.
  3. Oh I just thought of something I forgot in the survey: If you add new PvE maps please make sure to have someone read the lore carefully and try to integrate the new story well. Sorry for the scattered feedback.
  4. One question I have regarding the document is if it is settled that Amii will be purely Shadow/Nature. Since there are cards that contradict this atm (Amii-Monument and Amii-Ritual) and their lore contradicts that a little aswell (since they are elemental spirits and the orbs are them or corpses of them). However for the lore part you could argue that you are summoning things through the forge and use the fitting elements for their attributes and not what they are. The life giving/constructing nature (Monuments and Wells are Amii design) and the afterlife nature (Them having a big effect even
  5. Impossible Creatures, Paraworld, Supreme Commander 2, Stellaris, Cultures 8th wonder and Northland, Starcraft 2, War for the Overworld, Homeworld, HoMM V and Total War: Warhammer! Also nice to see that someone else knows Impossible Creatures! Felt like I was the only one knowing it! And don't judge me on supreme commander 2. I like it more than the first one for some reason!
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