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  1. Hello there people.

    So I am here to announce that I'm leaving this community for now.

    I remember in the past I used to go on the forum every single day make shitposts and watermelon posts. Those were the days. But right now I am not feeling it. So I won't be coming back for some time, probably until some time after open beta when my hype is back. I will maybe check the forum every now and then but won't post anything most likely.

    Anyway if any moderator sees this it's better to kick me from the closed beta and maybe give my access to someone else. I've been trying to get involved in the beta testing, but it feels forced and I feel stressed when I try so yeah.

    Bye guys! :watermelon:

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    2. wertyy


      i  I used to go on the forum every single day......... But right now I am not feeling it.

      that exact the same.

    3. BurningWorld


      And what has that got to do with 1 post count people? 

      EDIT: are you drunk?

    4. BionicReaper


      @BurningWorld I think he means that we have to wait because they choose people that don't post on the forums a lot.

      @wertyy If that is what you think then I'll have you know I disagree. Most contests were 100% random, giving everyone the same chance, which I believe is right since forum activity isn't something that really indicates who is more worth for the beta test. But they even gave active forum members a higher chance in some of them (not a 100% chance), which rewarded being active quite a bit. As for these contests i got my access after participating in 2 or 3 i don't remember. So all in all how they picked testers was fair and square and well balanced for both active and not so active members. Judging by what you said I think you are angry instead of tired :/

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