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  1. On a personal note; it is hard to believe this is Community Update 30 already! Preparing and writing these always takes much more time than expected, but I hope its appreciated by the playerbase. Community Updates started out as a way to keep the playerbase informed about all the work going on behind the scenes, as we are always working on more content, quality of life fixes or other ways to expand upon Skylords Reborn, even if it can take a while for a new patch to go live. All of this is done by a team of about 35 volunteers working in different departments on their evenings, weekends o
  2. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • 2nd Anniversary Stream The second anniversary of Skylords Reborn is coming up! Two years ago, on the 18th of December 2020, the world of Nyn opened its doors again, allowing more than 100.000 Skylords to re-experience this one-of-a-kind game. Since then, we have been hard at work to bring you even more content, bugfixes, new cards and other features. Skylords Reborn is truly by the fans, for the fans, and we are glad we can celebrate
  3. Hey there, sorry to hear you are having troubles. Can you provide the log? Unexpected or constant crash? If you haven’t restarted your game, send us your latest log in the report-a-bug or technical-support channel with a description of your problem. The log file we need is _log_proxy_latest.log. Restarted your game already? No worries, just send the previous log, which is _log_proxy_0.log. If your game closed without any error message, then please send us your crashdata.mdmp aswell. Not sure where to find the logs? Here's where:
  4. As you probably know, you can select your avatar to have the card art of every card in the game (including the new cards) already. The other artwork (for example, parts of the wallpapers) are mostly used on the small icons that go with Achievements, but are not actually profile avatars. This might be something to look into. While experimenting with achievements in the last patch, we ran into issues that some people really like unique challenges, but if we lock ingame content behind them (for example, boosters), some players feel forced to do things they dont like doing just for the sake
  5. I should have voted Viridya to stay on brand, but I really want to see your take on Fallen Skyelf.
  6. That is correct we made them tradeable after a year, but they are meant to be special.
  7. You can definitely expect new promo cards at some point they just take quite a while to make
  8. Just a headsup: even though the Halloween event is over, the Map is still available if you missed it or want to play it once more. It supports all difficulties, though we made the event with Expert in mind.
  9. I'm not a moderator, but I asked around, and apparently you are currently not banned at all, just put in the wrong password 7 times in a row. Please contact our mod team on discord to solve this situation. As for your wife, im sorry she has negative feelings towards the game/project. Please note you played before the game even fully released (which was december 2020) so a lot of things have changed since then, both ingame and on our team. You are both welcome to try the game again. Please note however; ALL accounts were resetted when we released in 2020, as was communicated would ha
  10. Your last message was from 1,5 years ago, and our mods replied that you need to make a ban appeal to look at your situation. From my understanding you never did this. If the system (or a mod) notices certain behaviour (one sided trades) or donations on the same IP adress, the account sometimes get flagged as multi-accounting. A way to prevent this is to either let the mods know beforehand ''hey im playing with a partner/family member on this account'', or appeal your ban so they can look at your specific situation more. Obviously you are allowed to trade or give away some cards, and
  11. Maybe obvious, but how is your internet connection? The game is pretty harsh on unstable connections, a small dip might already kick you out. There are no server wide issues known at this moment. Things you could try: - Play wired (if you are on wi-fi) if only to see if it solves the issue - Some players have reported playing with a VPN works better
  12. If anyone else has something similair for sale, I would be interested
  13. These are awesome! Excited about your take on Snapjaws!
  14. Im sure it has already been suggested (since basicly everything under the sun will have been suggested regarding enlightenment now) but I didnt see this one before, and I think its a clever solution. Even makes enlightenemnt scale somewhat into tier 4, allowing more wildcard options. However, while most people (myself included) dislike enlightenment, its also extremely loved by another part of the community, so I dont know if we will ever see changes to it. Fun fact: it used to be like 150 power in EA days.
  15. Yep, would have love to have it during the PvE league challenge, MOAR FIRESPHERES!
  16. I remember a documentary about Tiberian Sun where the developer said that their plan was basicly to have the unit take the least dumb path, cause any real logic did not work out.
  17. Was not planned, but since people liked this so much, who knows!
  18. Those colors serve a purpose to very quickly see what is going on on the map, and use quite standard color scheme's from other RTS games. While customization is great, I don't think it would be a very good idea to start messing with the base "rules" like this.
  19. Spell is critical here. While some games (like Magic the Gathering) count/name everything as a spell, in Skylords this means it does not effect your units or buildings, but only your spells.
  20. Jep! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qCb2UPSz7h3031L-8bLCbzSjxSFuy0HS
  21. Patch #400038 This patch adds the new Twilight card "Evil Eye" to the game. It can be found in General and Twilight Boosters and can drop from Reforging. New Cards Evil Eye - 240p T4 Twilight You will find the upgrades for this card on the map Encounters with Twilight. Evil Eye has been requested as a playable card many times over the years. This ranged Demon Dominator deals increased damage the longer it can focus its sight on an enemy. If a unit directly attacked by Evil Eye dies, its corpse explodes, spewing forth boiling liquids that deals damage in a 15m radiu
  22. Patch #400038 This patch adds the new Halloween map Spooky Encounters, alongside the new unique NPC units for that map. New Community Map: Spooky Encounters The Lost Souls have altered the timeline again – instead of encountering Twilight, Rogan Kayle finds himself facing very different horrors. Enjoy a spooky experience with this new Community Map. While the Halloween event is now over, the map can still be played on Standard, Advanced and Expert. To access the map for the event (or any community map), select the blue icon in the far lower right corner. Then scro
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