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  1. Tbh I think the biggest problem with pvp is the small player pool and if we're being honest a new player will get absolutely destroyed in tier 1.... In starcraft or warcraft you'll at least be in game for a decent amount and realize you're not building an army soon enough and that's why you die... in battleforge I'm seeing players just lose matchups they shouldn't do from lack of information. I've invited a few new players to BF and while they enjoy the game after 2-3 games in pvp they pretty much felt like they're not going to pvp anymore. While I think this is a daunting task to ask but I feel like Halo Wars 2 card pvp was a lot more nooby friendly and would be a better mode to intro/ push people into pvp.
  2. It was def ahead of its time which you can see by after Battleforge was gone a couple years ago later Hearthstone came out and the game was HOT!!!! IT was owned by EA which took down a lot of wonderful games.
  3. Ive been waiting on this moment for so long D:
  4. Okay thanks for the clarification. I love this game so much and never want to get banned.
  5. I personally have 2 computers in my room, one for my GF and one for myself... is their anything I can do so I don't get one of those bans? I honestly have only been playing on my account since my gf has been to busy to play with me but don't want to get banned once she starts to play.
  6. He actually stopped working on it after this project got announced.
  7. Now here me out before the pitchforks come. YOU GUYS ARE SPENDING SO MUCH TIME AND DEDICATION to make a borrowed title back into 2018; I honestly hope that y'all hardwork pays off and EA just helps the game come back up again... but even then I kind of wished y'all just spent all this time making a brand new title separate from EA but deeply inspired from Battleforge so that not only could you guys make profit directly but IDK I feel kind of bad; you guys are working so hard and the only thing y'all are getting in return is a game we all love and cherish
  8. The closest game I can think of that came similar to Battleforge is Halo wars 2 blitz. I honestly love this game so much
  9. I will definitely be making a lot of pure shadow guides and general pvp tips when I get back in. I was in the top 200 when I was only like 13; pretty sure I can get to Rank 1 now since I am 23. I am a pretty competitive gamer getting into high elo on many MOBAS and RTS games.
  10. Halo Wars 2 has pretty much taken the RTS/TCG idea and implemented it as a mode in their game... Of course it doesnt give me that Battleforge feel but I guess it will have to tide me over until the devs got this game up and running for everyone Just thought I'd spread the news since the game is in open beta and I am sure a lot of other people are just itching for something as close to BF as they can get. (I really dont like the whole "Hand" system they have and that you need to cycle through cards versus having all 20 cards ready to go in Battleforge) (Here is some gameplay of me playing it with my GF )
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