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  1. Warhammerb

    Maps not starting

    I got the Same issue.
  2. Warhammerb

    Login fails

    Same here, i try to download the client new... and i try to delete Battlefroge Folder under documents. I hope this works I will reply after the download is done
  3. Warhammerb

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    So guys, I just want to say that my English isn't very good... but i'll try to translate it perfectly for you Thats my Story: In the past my big Brother come to me and tell me from this game.... He showed me a trailer and my eyes were shining like Diamonds.... I said: Comon let us play that game together. We played the game like 24/7. We had fun and played a lot of matches. But the big mistake of my brother comes... : He got an E-Mail from the "Support" of the game that he have to post them the Loginname and Password... He did it and the account was gone... It wasent the Support... He just said that he never will play this game again. But i was in a fever and play play play... Some years later after i stopped to play this game i saw that the Servers will stop for this game... i cryied: I want to play this game again, why they did that big mistake to us???? I found this site and i Hope since i found it that we all can play it again Together with a big Community and much donators!!! I hope we all get the strength and the will to do it!!!! Really big thanks to the "Developer" of Battleforge Reborn!!!!!

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