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  1. As someone who was hired only months ago by a high tech company doing software work with a massive codebase, I absolutely understand how insanely daunting it is to try to navigate code you didn't write or extensively work with before. Complicated bug fixes can take days to weeks (or even months) by experienced employees, and this is in a paid environment, 8-9 hour workdays. When I'm off work, I only have a few waking hours at best each day to distribute between everything else in my life. Flip this around, where folks only have a few hours at best outside of work and staying alive to possibly allocate to this passion project, and it's perfectly reasonable that this monumental process takes time.
  2. Voted for @Lukaznid's entry, because I really like the direction that one's going. I think I just tend to be a fan of that art style. While @PooRJoghurT's monument symbol is a wonderful idea, the full logo with text feels a bit like wallpaper. I'm not very sophisticated with artsy vocabulary, but I think this is what people mean when they say the art doesn't pop. My eyes see the full image and expect something else in front - maybe a user interface, icons, buttons, updates, news, etc. Also, SilenceKiller99 mentioned a pokeball, and now I can't unsee the resemblance. I like that @CyRiX's logo is a throwback to the original blue/orange title, but it overall feels a little generic to me; it's just clouds and text, and my eyes want a little more in a logo/splash art. Also, not a huge deal, but a bit of cursory research seems to tell me that the color choices were picked (back around 2009?) for the official logo/splash art to match the pre-expansion "ice and fire" theme (before nature and shadow were added), and I'd like all four elements to be visually incorporated in the BFR/Skylords Reborn logo.
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