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  1. Name: Pyramid of Creation Tier & Orbs: T4, Nature x 3, Neutral x 1 Type: Building Power: 320 Hit points and Size: 2000 Attack value and Type: None. Support building Passive Abilities: Slowed Construction Active Abilities: Breathe Life: Select a unit in a 25m radius. The structure then weaves a new life form identical to the target selected. Has a cooldown, activated after the ritual finishes. The procedure takes more time according to the cost of the unit selected. Use Amii Monument model as a base. Explanation of idea behind the card: Think of it as a reverse Church of Negation. It can essentially clone a unit after some time. Presents a choice to hold back a strong unit to make another one after some time. Target unit may be paralyzed for the duration so that the player doesn't just spawn a unit, clicks on it to clone and immediately sends the unit away while the clone spawns, requiring some downtime in order to reward the player with a second creature. Card upgrades may improve cloning time or let the player clone units with greater costs.
  2. Greetings. I would like to present my Entry to the Skylords Card Design Contest. Name: Guardian Of the Grove Tier & Orbs: T3, Naturex3 Type: Unit Power: 200 Hit points and Size: 1600 & L Attack value and Type: 1000 & melee (General Counter) Passive Abilities: Swift. Its a horse, it goes fast. Active Abilities: Switch Modes to gain: Grove's Touch: Units in a 10m radius around the caster regenerate 2 % of their maximum HP per second while this ability is active. Slow. Unit is slowed. Use Lyrish Knight or Dreadcharger model as a base. Enlarge a bit for effect. Then make it green. Voila, Nature horse. Explanation of idea behind the card: Its like a mobile healing well, enabling a steady pushing strategy. Due to slowing down when healing, and short heal range, it cannot go back and forth healing everything so it can either support a frontline or stay further back and heal archers.
  3. NAME: Is root network bugged SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION:As the title suggests, I've been having difficulties realizing what the description says in-game about entities being connected in a network. Ive tried creating networks with Tree-fiends and Living towers, which according to the card "should shoot faster", but counting the seconds between shots, nothing happens. Treefiends especially seem to be on some kind of roulette behavior, where shooting the second shot takes 5 seconds after the first (sometimes), but the 3rd comes 10 seconds after the 2nd. Can anyone else confirm/replicate this? SCREENSHOT: Attatched ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I paid for this card so it might as well work.
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