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  1. well the tactics were very interesting , depends on how aggressive + fast people want to win ^^
  2. im really interested so see the replays how other players managed that map
  3. DieBieneMaya + Edlend : style run 58 min - expert difficulty heavy defense style
  4. DieBieneMaya

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    gol 5 minutes , after reset im pretty sure this will not work for a long time ^^ increased ammi monument costs + other balances and making it weekly , there ofc players will focus on rushing all on 1 day and dont play the other days in a weak , which lowers the players u can find @ any time
  5. DieBieneMaya

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    and dont forget the hard reset where people already feel sad because they loose all cards + upgrades , even event rewards like the egg + the jungle1 challange are taken away
  6. DieBieneMaya

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    players with low daily playtime , like me , which mostly tryed to make 30 minutes + as much as possible with 1 - 2 maps playing the new system makes me feel bad because from the max. 500 BFP u can earn in 6 hours , i only get about 2,5 BFP rate x 45 min playtime per day = 112,5 bfp + extra quests , this idea is not bad , but the time is way to high for me , so i only can focus on sidequests , which will make me more bfp / minute as the new main quest system . i personally often reroll quests on this kind i can do mostly all quests on 1 - 2 runs , like 1 multiplayer map + 2x rpve / campaign quest , 7 gold chests ,and the 30 minutes , quests which are not none in this time are for another day , which is already missing bfp points , so the new system is making that more worse for low time consumption players .
  7. DieBieneMaya

    nerf amii monument

    if they change the amii monument to get it when u beat all maps on expert as an achievement , u know how to beat that maps without amii , so why u shouldn use it to make that battles faster u already won ? but wenn its only avialbe in very last endgame , everyone should be aviable to build it then on a map... so maybe remove legendary kind type but add a build limit : 1 per player
  8. just build incredible mo + use the third ability and u only can be freezed , paralyzed + deleted ^^
  9. oh wow 1. i like the System like its now , 2. worktimes : i Need to stand up 05.00 AM , driving 0600 @ work until 06.00 PM , driving home 1 hr , , with human neededs i only have About 1 hr time to Play per day ! so do Weekly quest for reward , like Play 210 minutes in any gamemode , or win map x , y , z map (not on a specific day ) and not everyone is able to beat every map on highest difficultys ! even with a good deck !

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