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  1. Just a quick idea from me. The problem here is that players that dont know the values are sometimes willing to buy overprices cards bcs they just dont know better.

    Implement an easy average estimation of a cards price on top of each card in the AH.


    For example if a card is sold in general for 100 BFP and someone buys all cards of the same kind...lets say 20 cards...the person has to spend 2000 BFP.

    So in the background this would mean, that the general price or you can also call it recommended price for a card shows up as 100 BFP.


    If this person now puts in these 20 cards all for 200 BFP each the shown recommended price would not change until the person sells one of these.

    If the person sells one card for 200 bfp...the formular would be something like (20C*100BFP+1C*200BFP)/21 ~ 105 BFP


    So by selling 1 card for 200 BFP after buying 20 for 100 BFP the average(recommended) price would only rise by 5 BFP.

    That means that even new players would be aware of the average price, by looking at the shown recommended price for each card, EVEN IF someone buys all cards of one kind and places them at a absurd high price in the AH. So even if the person puts in the 20 cards for 200 BFP the recommended price would still be showing 100 BFP.


    It would even show up when you are about to put a card in the AH. You choose a card to sell and the game recommends you a price to sell it for.


    On 5/21/2019 at 6:09 AM, Kubik said:

    mulitaccounting anyways  :O who we miss? :thinking:

    I am against stupid regulations, because I hate them in real life, why should I support them in a game? Or you like going to shop multiple times per week, because some things are regulated only to few pieces per day? :thinking:

    to make price increase profitable he would need to sell most of them before someone offer cheaper again.

    and for the Deepcoil Worms, Plu did not buy any of them these auctions just timed out because no one want them for the original price, so assumption of market manipulation may be incorrect in that case, how he could know the price if no one was offering at the time he created his auctions?

  2. We need a cue of not 1 minute but 30 minutes or above to prevent that from happening...

    But if the data of the server just crashing and noone is rly playing helps for the stress test, keep it that way :D


    I was at least able to finish one game yesterday, but I think a 30 minute cue would help a lot.


    Before you are able to press the login button the first time there appears a 30 minute timer that you have to wait.

    No restarting or other tricks ;) 

  3. 16 minutes ago, Amergo said:

    Acutally you could say its a Tech Alpha im combination with a stress test for the server . Just wait and don´t get frustradet :D even myself couldn´t connect until now but Tbh i am ok with that but i wouldn´t be mad either when someone  i could come in and can open my first booster


    did 2 games already and opened my 4 boosters...but just saying...hope noone also not the dev expected it not to crash instantly :P

  4. 8 minutes ago, wibryz said:

    It's called stress test and not open beta for a reason. It's more or less to see how the server fares under real load, and what the biggest hiccups are outside of the small closed beta environment. I am certain they will put the data gathered to good use. Again, it's for the devs to gather more data rather than for us (though it is appreciated we get to see that it actually works!) :)

    Ah, thx... but still...if the stream hits 1k marks, you could expect the servers to crash, if you only "allow" 200 slots.

    Even without a stress test :D

  5. On 22.3.2018 at 10:46 AM, BFlove123 said:

    this is beutiful ! would like to see more + download links to use as wallpapers :P

    like already few years ago I wanted to draw for the project...and also create the content for the patreon...

    but it seems I was to bad :( or something

  6. On 9.1.2018 at 7:43 PM, SilenceKiller99 said:

    dude... you've been on this forum for quite some time now, you should know that speaking anything other than english is not allowed. Also, your previous posts indicate that you are perfectly able to speak english, so why are you not just following the rules?


  7. Hey me and my mate would like to participate in the tournament 

    Back in the days we were rank 3 at the 2n2 ladder...we will start all over fresh and clean at SLR.


    Our game will also be stream, not sure if it would be a german or english stream, we ll see ;)


    LG Tobbe



  8. On 2.11.2017 at 4:00 PM, Nephilim said:

    do you guys already know how many open beta keys will be given away? - maybe another version of my question, how many users do you guys think the server is currently able to deal with? / able to deal with in january :)



    isn't open beta meaning OPEN beta :D ? so there isn't a restriction anymore, as it is in closed beta right now?


  9. On 7.11.2017 at 12:02 AM, Sykole said:

    Not that it is forbidden, I am not the creator of the quote; but on forums members tend to not take what others already have, a way of respect.

    Would you pls stop downvoting me because I like the quote of a musician. Thank you

    Even changed it up. To not be similar to yours.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Kaliber84 said:

    I did not really want to get involved in this but I feel that there's a real simple solution to this whole thing.
    Just let everything be as is and take a step back. There is no need to know who started what anymore. Pointing fingers won't help anyone at this point so I'd suggest to just let bygones be bygones.
    And that is something that anyone who was involved in this whole thing should take to heart.

    @YT Tobbezockt You won't 'mend' your reputation or position in the forums with a discussion about your behaviour. Who you are perceived as only matters on your actions, not only now, but especially in the future. There is no need to be friends with everyone on the forums and even I have had 'less-than-constructive' arguments with people on here. But that doesn't matter in the long run.
    I know that you can take criticism and use it to improve your work. Or to take it and do something else anyway. Whatever you did or didn't do only matters right now. In a month the whole thing will be forgiven by some and forgotten by most people. Just take that opportunity and put aside anything that you still want to ask or explain. When the smoke clears you will find that anyone can change their opinion. Whether that opinion is formed by your arguments, your personality or your work only depends on what you present.


    PS: I strongly support :mrxlink: stand on this. Personally I am surprised that no measures have been taken yet but I guess that comes down to how many people took part in this for better or worse. My only hope is that anyone feeling involved will reflect on the rational points made in this argument and especially :mrxlink:reprimands. Some might think they are meant for a specific person but they hold truth for anyone in this thread.

    the goal for me is not to fix my position with the thread...it's more for me to realise what problem some people may have with me...and that could lead to maybe fixing the position.

    or simply ignoring people just talking nonsense ...depending on what I decide about it...but for now, I'm searching for material to work with if you understand what I mean.

    I'm fine with who I am right now, and you are right, being friends with everyone is not what I'm aiming for, but changing something to please some of the more important mates cant be wrong.


    AND I already learnt a lot by this thread about how my way responding to some guys is appearing. And if the only thing I'm taking out of this is to ignore critic I don't see as critic or that I don't like after asking politely once :)

  11. 3 minutes ago, Sykole said:

    Is there a reason as to why you chose to copy my signature quote and not having your own .. ?

    mentioned that...sry is that forbidden? 

    58 minutes ago, Eddio said:

    I didn't do this....

    I wrote that cause I don't think this is the right way of improving...




    @YT Tobbezockt I don't want to have a discussion I am on this forum for fun and I assume you are aswell. Thus I removed my downvote. And if you want to have a tip I'll give you one now. Don't reply to every single argument here. If someone gives an opinion/critisicm or a tip just see what you do with it and don't automatically start defending yourself there is no need to reply to everything and it can annoy people (since you sometimes sound a little angry even if you didn't mean it that way). So simply don't reply and nothing can go wrong.


    Ah just saw someone else wrote this tip aswell. Well anyway I agree on that :P And let's just quit this now. :) 

    ok, don't want to annoy anyone

  12. 2 minutes ago, Nephilim said:

    i think you mean society :)

    you are right *kappa

    3 minutes ago, SilenceKiller99 said:

    I will just copy paste what i just said:

    This includes if they are wrong, if they are mean or if they are jerks... just be nice to them and let them have their problem

    sounds rly exhausting if you try to improve on the other hand xD

    i will just ask once politely, if i dont understand what someone means...afterwards ignoring further conversation with this person. to avoid an endless argument.

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