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  1. Sometimes I think about the rules of the Forum and I realize..... how often they get ignored. Not saying I dislike it, just an observation ;D

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    2. Kiwi


      It is indeed a thug Kiwi bird :kappa: because I am a so cool B)

    3. Shotty


      @Kiwi You were mostly refered to because of the way the chat sometimes turn out while yo are present :D

    4. MrXLink


      If I were to enforce the rules as strictly as possible most active members would have been banned right now. Doesn't just apply to Kiwi or Thomas or Bio... and some are definitely worse than others, but a decent moderation system is not only defined by its rules, but also by its leniency. Rules are rules but I'm not going to be a tyrant about them. It's just that if you mess up too much, there's more than enough reason to say so.

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